Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Seaside Twins

Yes it has been miserably cold of thinking about a trip to somewhere warm and on a shoreline seems quite natural LOL. But the best I can do is "art" the whole thing....This was a last minute request from Beth to Leslie and I to create a Stamp People for her 2014 Sketchbook - check out the pieces both have been making.
I wasn't really sure where to start when I was sorting through the stamp box. I found a number of stamps from Japan that looked promising and started to play with a vintage photo....
That happened to have not one but TWO individuals enjoying themselves on water and sunny skies...
So Twins they became on a background I made using my gelli plate (experimenting still).
There was some empty space at the top that I had to add some words to - and those images of fish, hearts and stars are my first attempt (EVER) at creating my own stamps (in this case with a potato :>)...
Here is the full piece - acrylic and watercolour paint, stamping and some little extra doodling here and there. Not a composition I would usually do but I have been having fun trying new things - you can be as whacky as you like when making Stamp People. Putting in the post shortly! Enjoy. Jewels

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Stamp People

Another wonderful Mail Art challenge with Lenna and Jo! I was inspired by Beth’s postage stamp people (THANKS B) and I Googled to see what others had done – what fun (and imagination). So I floated the idea with my peeps and they agreed to try it out. I have not received theirs yet but they both got mine so I can share. I have a stash of old stamps that took some time to go through to find the two I wanted to use. It was not as easy as I thought it would be! 
And finding a “body” to fit was just as challenging….but it was all good. This was one I definitely wanted to use...
First up is Lenna’s – while the text came later it just seemed so perfect for her…Lenna DOES have an inner warrior and I was so happy to do this one for her. The background was a scrap from a less than successful attempt with my Gelli Plate. I thrifted a wonderful book old book, International Library of Technology: Brick, Stone and Poster, which is where the architecture graphic came from.

I got rather silly with Jo’s  - I found this great graphic at Artefacts...

The background was left over (shush) from our last swap and the colours matched! I explained to Jo that my Mum’s maiden name is Halsey (seriously) and I immediately thought of the Paul McCartney lyrics while doing this one for her. Such fun!

Will post theirs when they arrive. Next theme is Renaissance hmmmm. Enjoy. Jewels

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Oh my goodness - has it been really that long since I posted!
Harbour First Day
Well filling a little bit with photos from my time in Canada during the Thanksgiving break here in the States.
Ice at the Public Dock
Went to my cottage to make sure it was shut down properly for the winter. It was COLD for the first few days (-7 C one night)...
Early Morning Hoarfrost
Hard to tell from the photos as there really was not that much snow - just frosty in the morning. Lots of shades of "brown" which can actually be quite beautiful...
Old Wooden Ladder
Lots of coyotes around this time - even found some scat around the cottage (need to be sure they don't see lunch aka Mr. Darcy)...
 Ice House
Any who hoping to get some serious arting done the next little while and posting again! Enjoy, Jewels