Wednesday, September 30, 2009


October is not only my favorite time of year - it is also a special month for me.
I was born in October (what a cute kid!).

Married in October.

Yes, that’s hubby looking quite dashing in a kilt. Unfortunately, while he too looked pretty good, the Piper was awful - one of the many stories people like to tell about our wedding. Like the one where the senior ladies at the reception were egging on one of the bridal party (not hubby) to do cartwheels - keeping in mind his tartan underwear was by that time on his head.

Canadian Thanksgiving is in October (which makes a lot more sense to me then American Thanksgiving – after all it is about the Harvest right?) But hubby and I, being equal opportunists, celebrate both (why not)! Oh, and the picture, sad but true - I once made hubby American Thanksgiving dinner in 15 minutes - turkey, stuffing - the whole nine yards!

And this year I celebrate a year since I did my first (and probably only) Marathon – and I've got the medal to prove it - just can't believe I ever ran that distance - but hubby tells me I did (never say never right).

I love this little poem and it goes with my Grasset picture, don’t you think? Anyway, hurrah for October, the best month of the year in my opinion – I only wish it lasted longer! Cheers, Jewels.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Year's Fashion Statement

While enjoying my Sunday ritual of coffee and reading the newspaper I came across the following. Nothing like hunting season in Michigan that would cause a grown person to dress like this.

It's what all the best dressed hunters will be wearing. Hopefully they don't get mistaken for Sasquatch! (I wonder what the model is thinking - at least their smiling LOL) ...

Monday, September 21, 2009

She Flourished Her Pen!

Oh dear - I must be a dinousaur after all. I read this article yesterday - apparently our children and children's children are no longer required to be adept at cursive writing. I find that sad, understandable given technology today, but sad.

I love recieving letters - now admittedly some of the ones I get from elderly aunts and uncles require a decoder - but the fact that someone takes the time to sit down and "write" a letter to me is very special. To me it indicates a caring about the written word (I know I always think through every letter I write). I personally don't believe cursive writing will completely disappear. After all, I consider it an art form - and not one we are all necessarily good at. Still, what's next? If you watched the Emmy's last night you heard several times about technology and television (heh, if you can see it on You Tube why bother with a set?) Of course, I'm saying all of this while banging out this post on my keyboard!!! What do you think?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nightstand Report

Been awhile since I shared with you my latest, favorite read. The Guernsey Literary and Potatoe Peel Pie Society was a book I bought a few weeks back and lent to my Mum first. When I was Canada this weekend she gave it back to me and, guess what, I literally gobled it up in one night!
I love books that make you laugh and cry - and this one certainly did. I wasn't sure if I would like it at first as it is a series of letters. Sure it was "predictible" in some ways - but I also learned a lot about Guernsey and the impact of WWII on the island. As an aside, the books author, Mary Ann Shaffer, passed away before she could see what a success her book is - how sad. The book itself has a lovely ending - and I kept imagining which English actors should play different characters (it is just the kind of story to be made into once of those lavish series you see on PBS). Anyway BIG 5 lampshades out of 5 for this one. So what's on your nightstand?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Update and Thrifting Notes

First – an update – Master Gryphon is doing just fine – he gives a big SHOUT OUT to his peeps and thanks them for their concerned messages to his Mum. Apparently a weekend of good drugs and “bed rest” were just the ticket (He did a lot of this)!

His “bum leg” (though still slightly bummy according to Mum) is much better. AND when they did his 3 month lung check today he is STILL cancer free (they said a year tops, and here is 15 months and still going strong). I swear he is going to out live me…I had some free time this morning waiting for Master Gryphon to have his stuff done at the vet (as an aside Dr. Carlson and Tech Katie ROCK at Northern Animal Clinic) and I found a NEW SOURCE (which I am not sharing with anyone) for thrifting. And to think, just the other day I was talking about how scarce it had been lately. I was certainly GREEN after Barb shared her weekend treasures (dang you girl).

Here is part of today’s score for me. See the card decks (free – they thought they were too “handled”).

Love the graphics on these Old Maid cards.

Sewing stuff (of course) – two lovely pin cushions, buttons, trim, some wonderful lace collars.
And of course books. Now I thought the bird and the wildflower books were cool but…
The cook books were THE big thing. My new source just kept asking me what I liked (Are you into cookbooks dear? You evil senior citizen, you know I am!) Oh my, yes. Especially lovely old ones like this Joy of Cooking.
And an old recipe box – the contents were interesting – but the box is even better. Lets take a quick tour of those Betty Crocker books...
For when I retire...

But I'm still a working girl...

And as the sun sets here in lovely mid Michigan (unfortunately not our cottage as planned), I thought I would leave you with this last pic (gotta get hubby one of those hats). Sigh, I'm good, Master Gryphon is good and balance has been restored in Thrifting Land ;->…Cheers, Jewels

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We All Need Inspiration

I know I do. Since I started blogging I certainly have been inspired (and humbled) by the many friends I have made. There is so much wonderful stuff out there - and so much eye candy! It would be so easy just to sit in front of my computer for hours at a time! BUT I do find other ways to get inspired...

I have an inspiration board - everyone should have one. They are dead easy to make. Mine is an old frame I picked up at the thrift shop and a cutter quilt.

It really was in rough shape - the only piece that was intact was in the center.

I salvaged it and glued it on to an old piece of foam board that I cut down to size to fit the frame. Nailed into place on the back and - voila - it was as simple as that.

The fun part, of course, is adding items. I have lots of trinkets and mini pieces of art I have started to hang on my board. Items I find in magazines as well...

Isn't this inchie that
Carol made wonderful!

Things from blogging friends like Beth...and my own attempts.

There are "blank" spots, but that's okay - the great thing about an inspiration board is that you can add and subtract at any time. Now if you REALLY want to be overwhelmed by a great board, go check out
Elizabeth's.... And if you feel "inspired" to start one of your own - just Google inspiration board and you'll get lots of ideas. Cheers, Jewels

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Best Laid Plans

Ah well - some things are just not mean't to be. Poor Master Gryphon. He often forgets he is a senior citizen and acts like a 2 year old. Which means asking his poor ole bones and joints to do things they just can't do anymore.
He so wants to please. And he ABSOLUTELY MUST know where is Mum is - including bounding up stairs to make sure I'm still in the house after a walk with his Dad.

He seems to have developed a bum leg - so no long car rides to the cottage -which means no family vacation. So we will save those days up and use them later. Meanwhile, we need to tend to our wounded soldier... will let you know the results after his visit to the Vet on Monday. Guess I'll spend some time catching up this week on all my projects (see, there is ALWAYS a silver lining ;->)!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Henry (aka Harry) Carpenter

Well my dears Thrifting has been pretty sparse of late. Either not enough time, nor anything I would even consider bringing home. I did, however, manage one interesting acquisition.

As you know, I love old books. This one is not "exceptional" in any way - a nice cover, though it looks like its been through some trying times.

Some nice illustrations (gee, I wish Master Gryphon or Miss Gwendoline would fetch for me - just not dead birds). So I thought I'd purchase it. Little did I realize, until I got home, that I had also acquired some additional "treasures".

Robinson Crusoe was owned by a young man named Harry Carpenter. His teacher, Madge Sires (?), actually gave it to him in 1921. Now it just so happens Harry tucked some interesting documents in his book.

There was not just one, but two Home Report Cards from 1926. Harry was an okay student - he seemed to be best at Printing (?).

To the right of his marks are his "Citizenship Record" (yikes). You can't tell very well from the scan but a red check mark "indicates Weakness" - Harry was not so good on the "Do I work until the job is done?" (of course not, he was busy reading his book!).
Harry also left a letter from a friend, Arthur Thomas, in his book dated Nov. 1 1925.

Not sure if Arthur was upset about the fact his "professor is a woman this year". He talks about not passing last year but hopefully doing better - meanwhile, he also talks about basketball (hmm - that might explain the poor grades Arthur).

Anyway - love those unexpected treasures. I'm hoping Thrifting will be better next week as we head out to cottage country to enjoy watching the seasons change in September. Hope to have lots of lovely pictures when I get back! Cheers for now, Jewels...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Holiday!

What a lovely way to start a holiday Monday! I started with a run and saw some deer and turkeys - very few cars on the road to bother me.

G&G and I then went for their morning "constitutional" (don't worry - I'm leaving out the messy bits). Yes thats them in a blur to get things taken care of...

Meanwhile, I couldn't help but notice the end of my street - we live on a court that is out in the country - our house is on a 2 acre woodlot which we love.

The end of our court is a little mysterious - a short dirt road...

...leads to a neighbouring nursery/horse stable (sorry, could not get close enough to introduce the horses due to Miss Gwendoline's practice of talking too loud)...

...which also leads to this wonderful pond - I'll be back with more "fall" pictures when the colours turn. There was fog this morning so a mist lay over everything.
Of course the main thing is to get back for breakfast (according to G&G) but I thought I'd pause and check out the garden.

Got my first Sunflower - I know, I know - I planted the seeds way too late and in a not so sunny spot (we don't have very many of those in the woods) - still I'm keeping my fingers crossed everything will bloom before too long.

Meanwhile the rest of the garden is taking on that autumn feel...

And the Mums are coming out to....anyway, for those of you who get one, have a wonderful holiday - back to work tomorrow! Cheers, Jewels