Monday, March 28, 2011

When I Think Back On...

While hubby and I were away at Christmas we heard about the demise of Kodachrome after being available to serious photographers for 75 years...the news stories seemed to all be accompanied by Paul Simon's lyrics (which still ring through my head). There is much to be said about the impact of digital photography, which was one contributor to Kodachrome film no longer being available. My only hope is that we don't lose our ability to see our past - that is the one thing I love about old photos that you can hold and wonder about the people and images from long ago.I knew I wanted to commemorate Kodachrome's passing when I found a very colourful Kodak ad in a 1952 issue of Time. This little ATC includes part of an old film development envelope - see all the choices! Kinda sad isn't it? Jewels When I think back On all the crap I learned in high school It's a wonder I can think at all And though my lack of education Hasn't hurt me none I can read the writing on the wall Kodachrome You give us those nice bright colors You give us the greens of summers Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah! I got a Nikon camera I love to take a photograph So Mama, don't take my Kodachrome away

Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh the Possibilities!

My thrifting has been very sporadic lately – in fact I’ve curtailed it quite a bit (very easy to become overwhelmed and I NEVER want to be on one of those Hoarder reality shows – too scary! I can just hear my niece and nephews talking about their crazy old auntie buried in junk).
Besides, I have a pretty good stash I need to work with.
Even if it is a little disorganized.
These days when I “create” I try very had not to go out and pick up something “new” (except for required base supplies).
Instead, I dig and usually can find that “just right” piece (but not because I have a great memory for where things are – I really do need to go digging).
So when I DO find something that really speaks to me (hubby does not buy that rationale) and that price is right (Free is best) I feel obligated to rescue it.
This quilt top is a good example. A woman had brought it in to a local thrift store and said it was made by her mother – but none of the grandchildren wanted it (can you imagine).
Unfortunately, by the smell (soapy) and condition it is obvious someone “washed” it (ARGHHHH) – which has caused the rather thin muslin that makes up the sashing to fall apart.
And the stars are very wrinkled up in the back - some careful "blocking" is required to regain their intended shape.
But everything is hand sewn. And since I knew I would not be able to “recover” the destroyed parts I have been carefully removing the LeMoyne Star blocks.
They are so sweet! I think the material is probably 30’s 40’s (what do you think). I’ll have to take to our next Guild meeting for some expert opinions.
And oh the possibilities! There are over 50 blocks around 5 ½ inches square.
A couple are stained but I am not willing to “wash” again.
I think they could be used for all sorts of things – in a collage, a fabric “page” in an altered book, a small quilt wall hanging …
What do you think – any and all ideas welcome! I'm just happy I was in the right place at the right time to save these little gems....Enjoy Jewels.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

There Once....

...were two ladies who lived on opposite sides of the country. They did not know each other but by chance their paths crossed because of a common interest. Through blogs, emails, sharing of photos etc they grew to know more about each other (for example, both have linkage back to CANADA (and you KNOW how I feel about that LOL)).
One day they decided to try something - just for the two of them. No pressure, no deadlines - simply create and share. So they settled on a funny print (I still don't know how she actually gets sewing done) and agreed that would be their starting point.
The first package "received" included a lovely wrapped gift that reflected the bird theme AND a gorgeous tag (ooooh - this will hang with the rest of my tags in my "studio")...

Inside was a very cute pillow made with vintage items and different techniques for colouring the fabric.
The image was there (I love the sewing around it), as well as others fitting the theme...
It now has a place of honour along with other lovely vintage things...(and yes Sis that pillow top used may look familiar to you..)
The second package received (and you need to go and see more here) contained a mini quilt with the same image.
(I used a combination of contemporary and “vintage” items. The base material was in my stash. The “lacy” top is (I think) from curtains – I thrifted it a while back. I also thrifted the crocheted trim and the dresser top that was cut to go behind the picture. I love old sewing measuring tapes. Old shirt buttons and vintage beads were a nice add. The flower is from an old hat and I just happened to come across the little bird pin in a local consignment store – he feels just right. I found the quote ages ago by chance on the Internet and I often use it in sewing collages…)

Now over time these ladies have become "virtual" friends. They share snippets of their lives, things they are doing, advise (I think I recieve more then I give), encouragement...For all that is happening in the world, I am thankful for the friendships I have made simply by participating in blogland! Thank You Lenna, this was so much fun - look forward to many more "exchanges" in the future my friend!. Jewels
(p.s. A little peek at my next post)...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Enough Already!

This is the SECOND time this year that on a Wednesday Maple Hill and surrounding area have been shut down.
My picnic table is my measuring stick - can you believe it! Yesterday everything was melted and Miss Gwendoline was having a hard time with the last little snow bank for doing her business (seems wet grass does not cut it these days, little fuss pot). This is what we woke up to this morning - and it is supposed to last all day so expect a couple more inches before we are through...South of here it is worse - they have sleet and rain - which is much more dangerous for travelling. My company sent a corporate wide message that all non essential employees stay home (there's that description again - geesh) so I am, but still meeting "virtually" with folks (a colleague told me it was 82 F where he was at - rub it in why don't you!). Hubby was supposed to travel to Lansing but did not happen - he did venture into his place of work though (nuts I say). Please, please, PLEASE Spring come! :<>

Saturday, March 19, 2011

All good things...

How does one officially “end” a glue book - actually any thing you have created? Seems like there should be some sort of ceremony, don’t you think? A tip of the gluestick, an internal "hurrah", a trip to Michaels (LOL)...
And is this a time of celebration, reminiscing as you flip through (a yes I remember gluing too soon on that page, thinking those three pieces don’t collage well together, wondering what others would suggest, or what the HECK was I thinking…), a sense of closure? Or is it one of “lets get started again, but this time…”. If you have more then one glue book going (which I do, though the other is close to being filled as well) maybe this is not as significant an event for you?
What about the “record” of your work. As a quilter I've always been told to label my piece to let others know who created it and when. Are glue books similar? They really are more personal and may not be as appreciated (or even seen) by others – for many of us they are simply an exercise of the right brain cells (or is it left, I always get the two mixed up).
Anywho all you glue bookers, what do you think? I’m curious to know….Cheers, Jewels

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wild Thang

Rare Recent Sighting: Zebra Schnauzers now roaming in deepest darkest Michigan. Safe to approach if accompanied with obligatory biscuit in hand. LOL….

Monday, March 14, 2011

First Time Evers

I was having a kinda crappy day when....
...the mail came! First Time Ever Art Mail - Lenna thank you so much! Now that I see it up close and personal I KNOW I can do that...
Remember my Tales from a wanabe swapper? Well this is what I received in return for my three cards (First Time Ever Mail Swap). Starting with a lovely young man from Laura...

A delish fabric art card from Frieda..

AND (ta da) one of the cards from one of my blogging peeps Jo (hurrah).
Thank you ladies for participating in the swap so I could be one of the lucky recipients of your "vintage art". I love all three of them! Don't think I'll be mailing them to anyone soon - I have all kinds of ideas how I want to display them! And thank you Lenna for inviting me to join your swap (watch her very cool video to see all the cards) - it was a lot of fun and I really learned a lot. Can't wait for the next one...Jewels

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March is GREEN

Three different crafty things turned out to be GREEN in celebration of March. While we still have snow here on the ground at Maple Hill, the promise of March 21st (and clocks going forward this weekend, ugh) put me in a "springy" mood.
My first green splurge happens to be my March Tag for exchange with Carol (you can see hers at her blog). I've had this image for awhile and knew I wanted to use it for this month.
I tried something different with the old ribbon - a very patient process in front of a hot iron!
My other green happens to be a new gluebook spread. This was an ad for a 1952 Studebaker. And South Bend was the home base for the manufacturer - I'd love a car that shade of green.
And here is another recent spread with green - it is one of my current favorites. Enjoy! Jewels

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Lovely Time !

It started with a sweet card and a CD by the coffee pot Friday morning before we left …
While we made our way south (so northern Michigan was quickly eliminated) I thought perhaps a weekend in Ann Arbor?
But nope, we went “international” after all and ended up at the Benmiller Inn in southern Ontario – about 4 hours from home. Good thing hubby had the passports in his coat pocket (sneaky fellow).
The main building at Benmiller is a converted wool mill over 100 years old. When we checked in I was informed I had a massage appointment for 9am the next morning (another surprise!). It was wonderful.
Back in the 1980s Benmiller was one of THE places to go for a weekend away (especially the Toronto crowd). However times change - Hubby did not know it had just come out of receivership. You certainly could tell it had suffered from neglect – but hopefully the new owners will provide some TLC to bring it back.
It does have some neat architectural features – this motif is every where – the original iron work came from a widow’s walk on a house in London, Ontario.
The weather was not the best – we did not see the sun until Sunday morning (when I took all these pictures) which really did not matter since I was having such a lovely break with hubby. Our building was right by the river that had powered the mill in the old days - the water rose substantially overnight because of all the rain. We were not in any danger of flooding but it was pretty incredible to see it rushing by.
We spent a wet but fun Saturday in Stratford, Ontario – known for its wonderful theater (and also as the hometown of Justin Bieber for those who care about that sort of thing LOL). While it was off season for seeing plays, there are lots of shops to go into and poke around – at our own pace.
This was THE find of the weekend – a solar powered Queen E (her hand waves) – how hysterical (yes – of all the things we could have brought back). We ate (too) well but did a lot of walking also (which helped to balance things out I like to think).
As for Miss Gwendoline – well her babysitter posted how much she LOVED her on Facebook – and offered to trade Gwen for one of her bigger dogs. Apparently she was a little angel all weekend (hmmmm) – we even had a phone pic sent to us of her and babysitter cuddling on the coach. So she had a great weekend to!
I had a marvelous time and was spoilt rotten. What a great guy – I’m willing to rent him out as a consultant to other hubbies (for a small fee of course). He sure made my weekend. LU sweetheart! Jewels ♥♥♥
(p.s. I never did get in the pool LOL)