Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Enough Already!

This is the SECOND time this year that on a Wednesday Maple Hill and surrounding area have been shut down.
My picnic table is my measuring stick - can you believe it! Yesterday everything was melted and Miss Gwendoline was having a hard time with the last little snow bank for doing her business (seems wet grass does not cut it these days, little fuss pot). This is what we woke up to this morning - and it is supposed to last all day so expect a couple more inches before we are through...South of here it is worse - they have sleet and rain - which is much more dangerous for travelling. My company sent a corporate wide message that all non essential employees stay home (there's that description again - geesh) so I am, but still meeting "virtually" with folks (a colleague told me it was 82 F where he was at - rub it in why don't you!). Hubby was supposed to travel to Lansing but did not happen - he did venture into his place of work though (nuts I say). Please, please, PLEASE Spring come! :<>


  1. UGH, you really have had enough of the white stuff!

    Great photos but..........

    J xx

    Ps You really should have gone in for my blogiversary giveaway - was included. Next time I'll make it clear that the competition is very international! xx

  2. Linda M. and I did a trunk show in Mt Pleasant last night and I taught a class in the morning.... needless to say we made it to a hotel and spent the night safely. I could have never made it back for the class. I agree snow, snow go away and come again some other day.

  3. I only have two words to say............WINTER SUCKS!!!
    J xo