Thursday, May 31, 2012

Before I Forget..

My last trip to the cottage I totally forgot to post pics....
So here are ones from this past weekend....
Hope you don't get bored with all the flowers  (who could?)....

Or the wild life...
Don't you love the purple of this pine...
It's not every year I am there to enjoy the Lilac either - so cut a bunch for my kitchen window...
While there I actually got some drawing in - we are surrounded by wild orchids - this is a yellow Lady Slipper...
And a clam shell I had found on the shoreline... Enjoy. Jewels

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May Mail Art and ATC Monthly Invite

Whew - talk about just making it - can you believe it is the end of the merry month of May? First up - my contribution to my Mail Art swap with Leslie and Beth. This month's theme was Architecture.
Trying to stay true to our "do something different" challenge - I wanted to create a marbleized effect for my background and was not sure where to start. So goggled and came up with this easy tutorial. Shaving Cream and acrylic paint - who knew! LOL Leslie shared with me she had used a similar technique on fabric instead of paper...hmmm the mind boggles with possibilities...
I also used some punchinella I bought recently from Gauge Alchemy - go check them out they have some great stuff.
The graphics are from an old dictionary. The Mod Podge I used actually had glitter in it so gave my card a little bling to go with the metallic acrylic paints I used (sorry the pics don't show all the sparklies well). I'll share what L and B sent shortly - next month's theme is "Deep in the Forest" - all kinds of things come to mind for that one!
I also just finished my contribution for this month's Monthly ATC Invite over at Bad Penny's blog. Still managing to stick with my Garden Calendar theme though I played a bit with the text this month. 

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Garden Reminders

Man these Tag Tuesdays seem to come fast! I almost skipped this week but then found this ad from an old BHG magazine and knew I had to use it.
I think they may be catching on that I seem to stick to a certain time period (LOL). Anyway, I too would want to look fab with a matching hose while watering my garden. Be sure to read the text! Enjoy Jewels

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Drawing Chronicles 2

Well after five weeks of sporadic drawing classes (I started in March) I really don't have much to show...have spent a lot of time learning theory, doing little exercises (how many circles can one draw?) and one "still life" that was so so...
But last week I did this which I thought was not too bad! It is actually a cup and saucer but I told my instructor if she wanted to see me again she would NOT make me draw the handle (LOL that would have put the kibosh on my drawing career).... She believes I've "got" the basics and next week we are supposed to start on something that I will enjoy drawing  (TBD). It has been fun - I am her only student Monday nights at the moment so get as much attention as I need. She likes to play my kind of music Clannad and Loreena McKennitt in the background - which is hilarious as we are right next to a Tae Kwon Do class so you regulary hear "hiyah" followed by load thumps over the music..
Anyway I actually have learned quite a few things so it has not been wasted on me - and I've signed up for 5 more classes! Jewels

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Tag Tuesday - Baking

Hope you enjoy my "Blue Ribbon" tag! I used mostly original materials....
Very Vintage!
You can read more about how I pulled this together, and see other great art, at the Tag Tuesday site. Enjoy. Jewels

Friday, May 4, 2012

April Mail Art

Earlier I posted my Mail Art for April's Theme "You Oughta Be In Pictures". Here is what I received in return from Beth and  Leslie
Beth's arrived first - she did some magic and has me and Leslie as Marilyn Look Alikes - we both agreed our legs never looked better LOL. Really fun!
Leslie used a quote from Roger Ebert that "expresses what I feel about movies"...I loved her background and she sent me a quick tutorial on how she did it collaging, painting and stamping - something for me to try some time!
Thanks ladies! May's theme is Architecture - can't wait to see what you come up with. Enjoy. Jewels

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tag Tuesday - Sewing

This weeks Tag Tuesday theme is Sewing - I'm calling my piece Mother and Daughter...
I'm grateful my Mum never made me wear matching outfits with her (at least not that I am aware of and I have found no old family photos to suggest otherwise LOL).
I have a stash of Aunt Martha's embroidery patterns - I used one of the envelopes for the background.
M&D are from a 1940's Montgomery Ward catalogue  - tip - when the paper feels like it might easily tear, spray with Matte Finish to prevent ink smears then Mod Podge it before cutting - helps give some stability.... Enjoy! Jewels