Monday, November 23, 2015

Mail Art - Song Lyrics

Wow time to dust off the old blog! So many highs and lows this year plus I find I play more in Facebook and Flickr...

...that said I was inspired by Carolyn Dube's new Let's Play where you share something you have done for the week and visit to see what creativity others have gotten into...

I'm still doing Mail Art with my two favorite online peeps, Jo and Lenna. Our latest challenge was Song Lyrics - that is actually kinda tough. I found myself listening to all my CD's and Pandora thinking, ohohoh that would make a great image. Everything from Gordon Lightfoot to Kate Bush lol. But I found myself constantly coming back to my all time favorite band ELO. If you are not familiar with them (hard to believe there is anyone not!!!) they are definitely a 70's band. Jeff Lynne wrote wonderful lyrics that I can still recite to this day (Robin Hood and William Tell and Ivanhoe and Lancelot, they don't envy me). Sigh.

Once I decided to stick with Jeff I still hemmed and hawed - Mr. Blue Sky or Evil Woman (which for years I thought was Medieval Woman - don't ask lol).

Lenna's was done first. I knew I wanted to use a statue for "Turn to Stone" and found one that did the trick. Background was from an under paper from another project. Used a black glitter "paint" I found in Target. 

The matching envelope which I had lot of fun with...

Jo's was "RockAria" - really really wonderful lyrics. I have to say this is the third version of this piece. I kept changing my mind about the graphic and the text till I realized I was overthinking it and just slapped this baby together in an hour. Need to listen to Carolyn more :)  

I found the envelope picture in a travel magazine - she is AWESOME!!!

Anyway, still waiting on Jo's to arrive so I can share what she and Lenna did. So fun to see how we interpret our themes. Next up is "Something Different" - we have to use a substrate we have never used before - should be interesting! Enjoy. Jewels