Saturday, June 28, 2014

Summer of Colour - Lavender, Grey and Plum

Lovin my Boys of Summer theme for this years Summer of Colour with the lovely "hostess with mostest" Kristin!

Introducing Ken (to the left) and Arnold. They are “professional” (according to Ken) door to door salesmen. “Little ladies of the house love us, heh heh”, chuckles Arnold.
Company policy dictates they wear suits regardless of the temperature. Here they are taking a break - looking quite cool and collected I must say given they are lugging vacuum cleaners around the ‘hood LOL.
Neither of them knows the other has applied for the same desk job that just got posted in the home office – after all there is only so much “fresh air” (and bad Arnold jokes) a guy can take. 
My camera did not take the colours "exactly" - oh well. Another acrylic paint endeavor...ran a plastic comb through the gesso background for the texture. 
Decided to use some new stamps too - check them out! Enjoy. 
P.S. you may remember this from last year...
grAy is how it's spelled in America 
grEy is how it's spelled in England

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summer of Colour - Coral, Teal and Bright White

Well I am behind a week as I was away on vacation - but I was certainly thinking about Summer of Colour! Week Two's colours are a little more "manly" to work with so here we go with my next Boys of Summer...

Ah there is nothing like Summer Camp - the stylish socks and shorts...
No parents, hanging out with your new best friends, avoiding any kind of personal hygiene...
Except for Eugene who seems a little out of place - did his parents not get the "what to pack" list? 
He has been writing letters (some of you of a certain age should get this song LOL) letting them know what he really thinks about camp...
Hopefully the other boys are including him in their shenanigans - brown as can be from the sun and getting ready to play ball…

I used gesso to texture the background and then used acrylic paints. The bottom of a flip flop provided the white texture. A white Signo pen for the arrows...and got VERY lucky with the matching Canadian stamps from my stash...on to Week Three. Enjoy. Jewels

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Summer of Colour - Aqua Blue, Yellow, Hot Pink

Well here it is – another Summer of Colour with Kristin….I had so much fun with it last year (remember my Girls of Summer postcards) that I decided to join again – though I may not be “on time” for a couple of my submissions because of other stuff going on. I decided I wanted to do Boys of Summer this year (seems fair) but I must say the first colour choice posed a challenge – Aqua Blue, Yellow and a splash of Hot Pink – not too masculine! But heh, as Tim Gunn says, “make it work” LOL … Dug through my old photo collection and found some great images.
This is Sam with his buddies Shorty and Johnny. They’ve just been told the two most dreaded words any kid could hear this time of year…
…Summer School! What do you mean Miss Jones – it ain’t fair!!!!
Used my Gelli Plate (aqua blue acrylic), a water colour wash (yellow) and stamping (hot pink) for the background as well as an old teacher's stamp. There is still time to join the fun if you are interested – check it out…Enjoy, Jewels

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Tickled Pink Mail Art === Pink Elephants

My latest exchange with Jo and Lenna was on the theme "tickled pink"....just sounded fun...
...and a chance to try some new things like my gelli plate...
...and crayons!
For what ever I got the idea of "pink elephants" stuck in my head - Jack London first coined the phrase (he included blue mice - you can read more about it here): "Seeing pink elephants" is a euphemism for drunken hallucination...hmm what does that say about me LOL!
Searched around in my stash for cocktail recipes and young ladies in cocktail dresses (she is from an old annual). 
Had fun with envelope too....will share awesome pink (I mean REALLY pink) mail art I received from my peeps soon. Enjoy. Jewels

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

a LOVELY surprise =====

Unexpected mail art from crafty friends has to be the best! I recently met Elizabeth through a Swap for All Seasons exchange...
When I got home tonight there was a parcel in the mailbox with this package inside...
E had created a little friendship book just for me! 
All sorts of lovely spreads...
Including one just for Mr. D!
And at the back a little envelope holding some pretty embellishments. How thoughtful E - funny that it came right after my Tinkled Pink mail art (that's another post)! Enjoy. Jewels