Thursday, March 31, 2016

Mail Art - Found Poetry

I'm bummed - BIG issues with Flickr and I am unable to add pics there at the moment. Using Facebook and my much neglected Blog to "capture the memories"....

Latest mail art swap was Found Poetry - however you wanted to create it. I chose to take a page out of a book and randomly circle words to get my poem. For my two cards I used an old Readers Digest book (the ones with the cool covers) and happened on a story that had lots of opportunities!

I also used new techniques I learned from Tammy Garcia's Novel Approach class and I really love how they turned out.
First up - Lenna's card..
And her envelope - cool story about the back picture. It reminded me of paintings by Lenna's Great Uncle William Glackens which is why I chose it ...

I had a hoot with Jo's - I knew she would appreciate the humour - and the text really was on the same page LOL..
Same style for Jo's envelope - notice it's another woman reading a book which I think was a great tie in to our overall theme.

Well our next theme will be a challenge for all of us! It's Dendritic Painting - never heard of it - neither had I and just accidentally came across it - check out this video...

looking forward to REALLY going out of my comfort zone... Enjoy!