Friday, January 29, 2016

Something Different Mail Art

The Three Amigos have been at it again - our latest swap was "Something Different" - the challenge was to use a substrate you have never used before for the base of your postcard. Well the gals were very ingenious - and none of them were alike!
The first to arrive at Maple Hill was Lenna's wonderful Yupo paper - never heard of it before! 100% polpropolene which gives a wonderful effect. This pic does not really do the rich, shiny colours justice - love it L!!!!!!
Jo's took a little longer to arrive - her's was a cool effect on acetate - you can read all about her process on her blog here. Awesome!
So... me being a librarian, I had to Google "postcard substrate". I actually had quite a few hits (and choices) but decided to go with this technique of using a pile of sewn together magazine pages.
Tear 10 pages out of magazines, apply a little glue to keep them together while running through the sewing machine...
...I did a stippling effect to freestyle around the surface (my poor old machine really get's put through its paces...).
The original article painted the surface but I loved the graphics so much I decided to let them show through and did a little painting here and there. Love the succulents in the shoes - making me thing of Spring (and a fitting postal stamp as well). 

It was delivered to Jo with my 70's gal in green - I really enjoy arting up the envelopes as much as making the main piece. I always think how fun it will be for the person on the recieving end!
The flowers and china really appealed to me for Lenna's card - and "joyful friend" describes exactly what she is (hugs my friend). Another old stamp from my stash....
and fun envelope!
So - Found Poetry is up next - stay tuned. Enjoy. Jewels

Friday, January 15, 2016

Liberate Your Art 2016

Last year I participated in Kat Sloma's annual Liberate Your Art swap where you create postcards of original art made by you, send in and get five postcards back in return plus an extra one from Kat. I had fun and got some lovely cards so thought I would do again this year. But this time I am submitting five different pieces courtesy of the company MOO that make it SO easy to get your work printed. It's cost friendly (I was really organized and took advantage of their sales right before Christmas) and good quality. I have already sent a couple of the extras I got back to friends and relatives....
This mail art was made a while back for my friend Jo - I think it was our very first swap! I've since done a better job "standardizing" my size. I do remember it took FOREVER to get to her in England - we agree it must have gone around the globe a couple of times - but fortunately it finally made it.
Mo and I did a "one staple" Mail Art Exchange which I first found out through Daisy Yellow's Tammy Garcia. I've done a few of these and they are sooooooo fun.
Collective Nouns was the theme of this Mail Art that I sent to Lenna. I loved using the old pattern graphics.
My mail art pal Leslie and I did an exchange on Renaissance Mash Up. I found this picture of three young girls and wondered what they would be like today!
Lenna hosted a big swap awhile back with a theme of Summer - I went with Summer Camp Songs and made my card based on an old Girl Guide song I used to sing.Can't remember who ultimately got this but I think it was another of my pals Beth.
I also sent an extra one for Kat - this was one of ICAD cards from last year that Tammy hosted.
I always like to have fun with the envelope I send everything in. For some reason Liberate your Art reminded me of the French Revolution (have no idea why) - but it was all about freedom! And that certainly is the spirit of Kat's swap.
And of course I had to let Marie Antoinette have her say on the back (hee hee).

So there you have it. There is still time if you are interested in joining so be sure to check it out here.
Enjoy. Jewels