Sunday, March 31, 2013


Change is hard...but change can also be good. I have gone through a lot of changes this past year and learned what I am capable of. Life's curve balls can be dandies and I have had my share. I won't go into details - we all have our own stories and mine is only one. I know that compared to others my changes may seem minor. A while back I started capturing daily gratitudes and I have to say I have so many - in the end it is all about perspective... I've learned that being positive is really the only way to go and is what will get you through the day.

Still the one thing I do have to say is how much I have appreciated all my friends, both local and virtual,  who have given me encouragement and just good old girlfriend advice - you know who you are :) I have lots to look forward to as my own story continues. I have plans, ideas and well, more changes! I look forward to sharing them with you. Thanks so much. Jewels

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Viral ATC

I had scraps of fabric paper left from my little bird ornaments and decided to use them up. 

Kimberly over at ArtJoyStuff  has been doing a 52 week swap where she trades an ATC with one new person a week. So I sent her this one for week 22....
And then I just kinda pulled this one together real quick for myself. I posted it on Flickr and, as of last count, over 600 (update - 1,000!) people had viewed it and several had "liked"! I have never had that much activity over one of my pictures - so either I some how tagged/named it in such a way it comes up when people search or???? I've been laughing as I know how simple it was to make LOL. Oh well, I get my short moment of Flickr fame. Enjoy. Jewels. P.S. the fabric in the background is intended for a new kitchen valance - I really should get crackin on that....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A New Addiction?

I hope not - seriously like I need another one...
But so darn cute and easy to make - see the video instructions here...where have I been to miss this one!!
Yes Duct Tape Journals - using an elastic band - Good Lord can I take it LOL...Enjoy. Jewels

UPDATE: I should have shared the link (and gal) that got me started on this...I love her little books...

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fabric Acrylic Paint Transfer

Now that my Guild presentation is over I can take a deep breathe and get back into my regular groove.... long enough to get ready for vacation time. I am heading to my cottage for the first time since last September in a week. I expect there will be lots of snow still but that's okay - should be very quiet and peaceful this time of year
Here is another technique I shared. I have done this before but on paper with good results - you can see here and here. This time I wanted to try it on fabric - only difference was that I stabilized the piece of muslin on freezer paper and I tried two different colours - white on the fabric and lavender on the image. I used a piece of muslin and an illustration from a very old book. 
It transferred well - the muslin was stiff from the paint so really could only be used for an art piece. 
I looked around in my stash for some old lace and linen. 
And I made a "flower" with an old crochet piece.  Ribbon, buttons and an old brooch for embellishments. Enjoy! Jewels

Sunday, March 10, 2013

In Bloom...

As you know I am frantically working away getting ready for the big prez.....
One of the techniques I will be showing is in the background (enough said)
Which resulted in quite a nice Prayer Flag
And the Geranium in my back room happily obliged the photo shoot with a lovely blossom (did you notice the SNOW in the woodlot in the last pic, sigh). Enjoy. Jewels

Friday, March 8, 2013

Interesting Dude Mail Art

I am fortunate to be able to exchange mail art with many friends. Unfortunately I have fallen a bit behind on my Zentangles (sorry Beth and Leslie). I'm pretty sure once I get past my "big" presentation next Tuesday I will get back in the swing of things. I did manage to get my Mail Art for Jo out the door recently and this is what we did.
I happen to have two copies of this picture of an interesting dude (that's what I call him). What do you suppose this picture was for? Well I sent one to Jo and said "lets see what we both come up with"...
Jo did a wonderful, colourful piece - I knew I was in for a treat when the envelope arrived!
How cool is this - Jo does such a wonderful job with layering - go over to her post to read about her creative process : >
I went in a totally different direction. The first thing I thought of was Trains! I think he looks like some kind of  conductor. I kept to all original materials including the pages from dictionaries showing train signals and old train descriptions. The railway map in the background is from an old atlas. I did apply some gesso, inks and acrylic paint and, see on the edge, my experimentation with squiggly lines LOL...
I found this wonderful train picture on Graphic Fairy which I thought was perfect for the envelope front. 
The back uses more maps and the other half of the picture. I also did some stenciling - I got hooked by a FREE class you can find here called Use Your Words (thanks Jo for pointing it out!).  Lenna will be joining us which makes my SECOND team of three for exchanges - and I certainly don't mind 'cause I love art in the mail! Enjoy. Jewels (p.s. for those of you sending mail international from the States - there is now a "Forever" stamp for that....

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

(Mild) Rant and Preview

Some time last year I agreed to deliver a topic for program at one of our Quilting Guild meetings. March 2013 seemed way far off in the future at the time ....and here it is 1 week away from the big day, yikes! My rant is not about giving a talk on "Surface Treatments" - its about my own personal artistic process. I'm an over achiever and a perfectionist - two characteristics that do me well in my job but are totally horrendous when I am trying to be spontaneous. I fret about how "good" a piece is and am never sure when something is "done". Drives me nuts. Of course if I could just quit my day job and do art all day and night maybe there would be less insanity - but some how I don't think it would make much difference. Of all the things I do in a given week I am amazed I can squeeze my art time in (but I absolutely do!).
So rant over, here is a small preview of one of the techniques I will be explaining. I love making fabric paper - you can read earlier posts here and here
For this batch I used pages from an old gardening book and spring colours (because I am absolutely fed up with snow, snow and cold temps LOL). I made two birds (one for a draw I will have the night of my presentation - so be there if you are local : > ) that can be used as a gift tag or an ornament. Mine will hang on one of my vintage framed pictures. I'm hoping everyone will enjoy what I share - lets just say there won't be much about quilting! Enjoy. Jewels. 

Sunday, March 3, 2013


One of my favorite blogs to visit belongs to Frieda in Scotland. She posts wonderful pictures of the surrounding countryside and estate gardens. I have to say I am extremely jealous, especially now as we are still under snow here in Michigan while snowdrops are starting to making an appearance in other parts of the northern hemisphere. She also is a gifted artist - creating wonderful quilts of all sizes using different techniques and materials.  
Recently Frieda finished a quilt and lamented the need to refresh her stock of old white buttons. I offered to send her some from my stash (I have LOTS of buttons) - the only thing I requested in exchange was a piece of her art work. 
And she very kindly agreed! Bird Inchie Quiltie arrived recently. It is 8 x 8 with 25 inchies on a lovely background of blue and white fabric. There are small beads all along the border. I love it! Thanks so much Frieda...Enjoy Jewels