Sunday, March 29, 2015

Asemic Writing with Lenna

My second post on my recent Mail Art swap with Jo and Lenna. 
Lenna is a very talented artist who lives in Florida. She sent me this lovely lady with her asemic writing in the background...
It came in a wonderful envelope (I just love opening my mailbox when art arrives - it really makes my day :)  )
Since I had my retro thing going with Jo, I continued it with Lenna....I started using my geli plate to create the background (you can see me practice my writing on my under paper). 
I am still getting the hang of it - I always get challenged with inadvertently getting muddy colours..
The image was from an IBM ad..
With a picture that can be interpreted however you like (I like  "a career girl with attitude").
I carried over to the envelope as well - here is the front.
And here is the back - plane catching pace!!!!
These are all the envelopes from my arting weekend awhile back....Enjoy. Jewels

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DLP 2015 Week 11 - Borders

Art Challenge - Borders
Journal Prompt - Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind
Well I did last week primarily because of the miserable head cold I had! Fortunately I have pretty much recovered but oh it was difficult to get excited about working in my studio - it happens.
But I persevered and after SEVERAL runs at it finally came up with my pages (it was flub city for a while LOL).
To create my borders I decided to start with a black gesso technique I read about in Cloth, Papers and Scissors Pages Summer 2014.Jacqueline Newbold shared the way she prepped pages for her art journals. One thing about black - it sticks on your hands for a few days  :) After I created the border I stamped and coloured in the flowers - but I still was not sure what I was going to do on the main pages. I actually tried a couple of different things which ended up getting painted over.
I looked around and found this graphic from an old children s book which seemed appropriate for the black background. 
A few weeks back I had experimented with stamping using bleach on black card stock. It turned out neat but it is rather toxic to do (so be careful!). I was inspired by a Carolyn Dube tutorial. Thought it would make a good background (and also cover up flub number 3, or was it 4 ha ha)...
Wrote the poem that accompanied the graphic over the trees - I like how they still peek through. 
So here it is. Lots of blending with black paint. Made my mark with different stars and stencils.

Enjoy. Jewels

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Asemic Writing with Jo

The We (heart) Mail Art girls have been at it again. Jo, Lenna and I decided to do an Asemic writing mail art challenge. Everyone's piece has arrived safe and sound so time to share. This post will be my exchange with Jo.....
Jo has such a great sense of humor - here is her card and envelope.She did writing on both...
Pretty sure I know what Lenna received from her! Thinking this may go in my office at work LOL.
I had a LOT of fun with her's once I got started. I need to remember to take pics of the graphics that inspire me. This announcement is on the back of the envie  - what the heck is a Micromanipulator?
The front of the envie provides a clue...hmmmmm inventions. The chess graphics were a happy accident - I've been experimenting with combining things that are not necessarily related a lot lately...
The question answered - how bizarre - I found this article in an old Popular Science. The background was a scrap from a postcard I made last year. I just went to town enhancing it with stamping and writing.
Love how it turned out. Off to research Micromanipulator! Enjoy. Jewels

Monday, March 16, 2015

DLP 2015 Week 10 - Doodling

March Theme - Making your Mark (Doodles and Mark Making)
Art Challenge:As a Layer Element
Journal Prompt: Surviving the Elements


Okay so having a very short attention span I got overly focused on one word - doodle - and that just set me off. I probably should have read things more carefully but that's okay. All I know is that I seem to recall I flunked Zentangles so was curious to know if I was going to figure this one out LOL.
I had actually found instructions on taking a picture and doodling on it for an ATC in Bernie Berlin's book Artist Trading Card Workshop. I found this picture and thought I could do something with all those polka dots. By the way, did you hear that polka dots were in fashion this summer..but I digress.
So I started with the background - layers of paint, stenciling and my, ahem, doodles....
I then added her in and started painting and doodling some more.
So here it is - bring Week 11 on as this one is DONE! Enjoy. Jewels

Sunday, March 15, 2015

One Staple Collage - Beautiful

A few weeks back I actually had time for a full out artsy weekend (sigh, those were the days)....everything done was mail art, mail art, mail art...
I asked one of my peeps, Mo, if she would be interested in doing a swap and she agreed to try a One Staple Collage. Both of us have been waiting patiently for hers to arrive over the big pond (come on Postal Service, what's going on?).
Mine did find it's way to Scotland - Mo lives near Moray Firth which sounds extremely romantic to an inland bound soul like myself living in mid Michigan LOL...I did Google it and, like any place in Great Britain, it has a rich history. I actually found in one of my vintage travel books a map of the area which I used for the back of the envelope - seemed perfect. 
And the lady on the front is looking between North America and Europe....
I loved how this one turned out - and of course it was not what I had originally planned (it NEVER is).....I really enjoyed doing these so if anyone out there would like to try let me know....would love to do again (though I can't guarantee when lol)...Enjoy. Jewels

Saturday, March 7, 2015

DLP 2015 Week 9 - High Five For the Birds

Well this past weeks challenge was Using at Least Five Layers (check)and the Journal Prompt Give Me High Five (mmmmmm not so much lol).
Are you like me? I have an idea bubbling (sometimes multiple) and it never ends up the way I started! I do know that I wanted to create layers using tags and I landed on a bird theme. I started with creating the tags.
This is such an easy thing to do - I think I found the original instructions on the Michaels website. Just crunch up your paper...
Smudge ink all over it - I use the Distressed Ink walnut all the time - just like the colour - and then spritz with water. 
I never stop at the first layer - I actually repeated the process 3 times to get it to the colour I wanted. Then I added layers of cyan ink, light magenta acrylic paint and stamping with black ink  (you might be able to see the music notes...). I then ironed to flatten out...
Once that was done I started building layers for the background. Paper, acrylic paint (used one of my new Master of the Arts tools from Walmart for the green streaks which I love), stencils and stamps using the walnut ink...spritz some orange acrylic paint to make it pop...

This could have been the "cover the good stuff" challenge - 
I quite liked it as is...
Dipped into my vintage papers for the birds and the old Arm and Hammer Beautiful Flowers cards - they actually came all cut up but I think they work - found over at Gathering Dust...
I also used the music stamp for the border...
Wish the colours were more true in the photo - but this will do (I am filling my Cloud with bad pics LOL - need to go clean out)...Looking forward to March's new theme and challenges. Enjoy! Jewels