Saturday, March 21, 2015

Asemic Writing with Jo

The We (heart) Mail Art girls have been at it again. Jo, Lenna and I decided to do an Asemic writing mail art challenge. Everyone's piece has arrived safe and sound so time to share. This post will be my exchange with Jo.....
Jo has such a great sense of humor - here is her card and envelope.She did writing on both...
Pretty sure I know what Lenna received from her! Thinking this may go in my office at work LOL.
I had a LOT of fun with her's once I got started. I need to remember to take pics of the graphics that inspire me. This announcement is on the back of the envie  - what the heck is a Micromanipulator?
The front of the envie provides a clue...hmmmmm inventions. The chess graphics were a happy accident - I've been experimenting with combining things that are not necessarily related a lot lately...
The question answered - how bizarre - I found this article in an old Popular Science. The background was a scrap from a postcard I made last year. I just went to town enhancing it with stamping and writing.
Love how it turned out. Off to research Micromanipulator! Enjoy. Jewels


  1. That picture just cracks me up. I think it might be the combination of the suit and goggles. Love the way you did the backgrounds, too!

  2. Very awesome mail swaps. I've been practising the Asemic writing. it is good fun. The backgrounds are awesome too of course :D
    I am SOOO very gutted that your collage from me has not arrived yet other mail from the UK :( :(

  3. You three definitely do some fun swaps. Great cards and envelopes.

  4. So cool... mine was not quite the same, I will have to share it! Same words, men are from mars... but different art. I have put it on my radar to share both! Love seeing what Jo did for you!

  5. p.s. I love seeing yours for Jo too -different than mine! ❤

  6. This was a fun swap to do. I LOVE the image along with that 'micromanipulator' word!! Asemic writing is fun!

    ps The card I made for Lenna is, of course, 'Women are from Venus'!