Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DLP 2015 Week 11 - Borders

Art Challenge - Borders
Journal Prompt - Borderline feels like I'm going to lose my mind
Well I did last week primarily because of the miserable head cold I had! Fortunately I have pretty much recovered but oh it was difficult to get excited about working in my studio - it happens.
But I persevered and after SEVERAL runs at it finally came up with my pages (it was flub city for a while LOL).
To create my borders I decided to start with a black gesso technique I read about in Cloth, Papers and Scissors Pages Summer 2014.Jacqueline Newbold shared the way she prepped pages for her art journals. One thing about black - it sticks on your hands for a few days  :) After I created the border I stamped and coloured in the flowers - but I still was not sure what I was going to do on the main pages. I actually tried a couple of different things which ended up getting painted over.
I looked around and found this graphic from an old children s book which seemed appropriate for the black background. 
A few weeks back I had experimented with stamping using bleach on black card stock. It turned out neat but it is rather toxic to do (so be careful!). I was inspired by a Carolyn Dube tutorial. Thought it would make a good background (and also cover up flub number 3, or was it 4 ha ha)...
Wrote the poem that accompanied the graphic over the trees - I like how they still peek through. 
So here it is. Lots of blending with black paint. Made my mark with different stars and stencils.

Enjoy. Jewels

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  1. Awesome colourfulness Jewels. Really nice indeedy. So glad you liked my tea cup page whilst drinking your tea :D

    I have posted another one staple collage for you today. I do hope it gets to you this time. I forgot to take any pics of it, Tut! Lol

    Have a fab weekend ahead {{Hugs}} xx