Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lovely Prayer Flags

Just a little lead up to my pics....I thought I would get out yesterday when the sun was just brilliant to take some snaps when I realized my camera battery was DEAD. Oh well, I said, just go juice up. Come to find my charger was missing - and guess where it is. The cottage (an 8 hour drive from here)! AND guess where my back up charger is. The cottage - arghhhhhhhh. So I thought I was not going to be able to get my pics for awhile...
Until I remembered this morning about my new fancy, schmancy IPhone... and voila (though not as sunny a day). A little fiddling sending to my home email, but I actually think it is a better pic then my digital camera (hmmmm).
I digress though - I have FIVE flags to show as a result of Lenna's swap (Leslie and Beth, my Mail Art peeps agreed this would be our September swap). I love every single one of them.
First up - Sue's creation. I know she struggled a bit at the beginning (I would not have guessed it) but ended up doing a lovely flag using an old hanky and wonderful piece of linen - Thank You Sue. 
Then there is Barbara's - I am anxious to try out the rust technique she used - lovin the effect on the fabric. Thank You Barbara.
Marilou created this wonderful Nature flag - the embellishment at the top is very cool and I love the images she used. Thank You Marilou.
Then there is Leslie's - read about how she did the background fabric - it has a silky green colour that the picture does not justice. Thank You L!
Finally, a really sweet flag from Beth - the red just POPs and I love the old linen and buttons - Thank You B!
These are the flags I made to exchange with Beth and Leslie - unfortunately my digital camera makes it look too blue and gold (wish I had used my IPhone then). I used a piece of cutter quilt for the background, then stamping, sewing, embellishments....
I am also getting two more flags shortly (one on one swaps) as a result of Lenna's Prayer Flag swap. All will be coming indoors to hang in my "art-tist studio". It has been soooo much fun and every flag exchanged was its own unique piece of art. Thank You Lenna - I enjoyed every minute!  Cheers. Jewels

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tag Tuesday - Clocking In

I've missed some weekly tags recently - which is a shame as there have been some really great themes..circus, owls (argh I can't believe I missed that one), autumn fruit...
..I actually was not sure I would get one done this week - but it just so happened all the rights elements came together
The theme is Clocks but I made a different interpretation - especially when I found this picture on the Internet. I can't imagine having to do this everyday (though I know folks still do). 
And look at the size of that clock!  Read my "how I did it" over at Tag Tuesday and see everyone else's great tag! Enjoy. Jewels

Sunday, September 23, 2012


I love old picture frames...and sometimes if you get lucky the pictures in them! 
I recently picked up a small collection for various reasons. Everything was half price so I couldn't resist. 
This is the oddest frame - but I was actually more interested in the wonderful photograph.
I like this floral print...
...especially the back! A wedding card was taped on with the date November 6th, 1947. You can tell by her gown it is old. 

And then these two. I'm really NOT interested in the pictures but more in the frames (if anyone wants these prints let me know). 
After a really good cleaning (especially the glass) - I framed these two lovely pictures that were hand embroidered - my friend Carol gave them to me awhile back. Funnily enough she had thrifted them because she liked the frames they were in LOL.  I was just waiting for the right "replacement" frames. I added a little vintage lace on the corner of each. They will be going in the bedroom I posted about here. Enjoy. Jewels

Monday, September 17, 2012

I am SO lucky.... have such fun and artistic friends. Lucky that Beth and Leslie have been trading Mail Art me with me for several months now (has to be AT LEAST a year) - we are all enjoying what we receive from one another. Our last Mail Art theme was Silly Rhymes - you can see my post about it here.
Well this is what Beth created - what a great take on the Sea Shell rhyme! Acrylic inks, stamping on dress patterns, cutting pasting and other techniques as well....wonderful B!
And Leslie came up with her own silly rhyme which I just love...scrapped different colours of acrylic paint on to canvas paper then stamping with gesso. Inking and marker border and lettering. It is great. 
Then there is my pal Jo across the big pond. We are not as regular in our trades but when we do....
...holy Toledo I am lucky to get some great stuff. Our most recent theme was Vintage Circus. Both Jo's envelope above...
...and postcard inside are super cool. You can read more about them on her blog. I will post my interpretation once Jo receives it (it's in the mail Jo!!!)

A girl can never have too many artsy friends - and if you do, you are very lucky indeed! Enjoy. Jewels

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The finger...

... or at least the polite 1950's version of it. I'm pretty sure she is giving it to him LOL.

ATC made from advertisement for shelf border wallpaper, old ledger sheet, a moving company sticker and an old advertisement. Enjoy.  Jewels

Sunday, September 9, 2012


While putzin around on vacation I went through some old Popular Mechanic magazines I had thrifted. I always get a kick out of some of their predictions and "if only someone would invent" in point...
Seriously would you get on this? It's a glue book spread but I had to colour in the can LOL. Enjoy! Jewels