Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Tag Tuesday - Clocking In

I've missed some weekly tags recently - which is a shame as there have been some really great themes..circus, owls (argh I can't believe I missed that one), autumn fruit...
..I actually was not sure I would get one done this week - but it just so happened all the rights elements came together
The theme is Clocks but I made a different interpretation - especially when I found this picture on the Internet. I can't imagine having to do this everyday (though I know folks still do). 
And look at the size of that clock!  Read my "how I did it" over at Tag Tuesday and see everyone else's great tag! Enjoy. Jewels


  1. I really like this one. The layout, the colors, the big old button on the lace. Nice. I haven't caught the tag bug yet. What are you doing with them all? Will you actually use some of them as gift tags?

  2. Gorgeous colour combo's Jewels. I remember my parents talking about 'clocking in', I used to think they had to take some kind of clock to work with them, lol :0)

  3. Very clever, Julie! And a beautiful tag! Love it. Carol

  4. what a great tag, jewels : 0 ) I love your "24 hrs a day" comment! I really would like to get back to that challenge myself! Thanks for the inspiration.