Sunday, September 23, 2012


I love old picture frames...and sometimes if you get lucky the pictures in them! 
I recently picked up a small collection for various reasons. Everything was half price so I couldn't resist. 
This is the oddest frame - but I was actually more interested in the wonderful photograph.
I like this floral print...
...especially the back! A wedding card was taped on with the date November 6th, 1947. You can tell by her gown it is old. 

And then these two. I'm really NOT interested in the pictures but more in the frames (if anyone wants these prints let me know). 
After a really good cleaning (especially the glass) - I framed these two lovely pictures that were hand embroidered - my friend Carol gave them to me awhile back. Funnily enough she had thrifted them because she liked the frames they were in LOL.  I was just waiting for the right "replacement" frames. I added a little vintage lace on the corner of each. They will be going in the bedroom I posted about here. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. The embroidery is so pretty! I'm really making myself swear off frames ... they can be pretty addicting!

  2. Great haul, Jewels. I'm a frame junkie too. Have a whole box upstairs that I really should get out and frame some of this great art we've been swapping. I have a wall above my desk that could use some fun art. Love the embroidered pieces and they'll look great in that room. Is that my guest room for when I ever get to MI?

  3. Hi Jewels, great buys, they are all wonderful frames and pictures to. Looove the little winter scene, so so cute. Blessings Francine.

  4. I certainly gave the sweet little embroidery pieces to the right person!! As I recall, I used the frames for some cross stitch pictures that Ray did. When I was reading your post and saw the picture, I thought the flowers looked familiar. A perfect fit!

  5. Hi Jewels, Thanks again for my prayer flag from Creative Swaps, my post is up about our flags including yours, I hope you can drop by, Bigs Hugs Marilou