Friday, March 27, 2009

The Winner is...and Attack of the Pine Cones!

Thanks to everyone who left a comment .... Master Gryphon, through random selection (not Elephant Bingo as some would suggest, we are, after all, professionals in this household ;->) has given the lick of approval to LIZ Your "gift" is on its way!

Meanwhile, is it just me but have pinecones taken over the world? Look at my back yard!
I suppose if I was Martha Stewart (NOT!) I'd be all excited with all the crafting possibilities - Martha even has directions for making a pine cone turkey!
We will probably just burn them all in our firepit (how unimaginative)...

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Bag Said....

... $1.99 ( that's $1.61 US!)...I grabbed it on my way to the check out counter not really inspecting what was inside. All I "saw" was quilted squares/old material so thought I'd take my chances.....

When I got it home - wow 24 completed blocks and lots of extra squares!
Definitely older material...
Unfortunately, the sewing is not so good so will probably have to rip some seams if I plan to use...but after all, the bag DID say $1.99! I'll be taking to show my buddies at Guild in April to get their opinions...Well I'm off on a business trip - talk to you all in a week when I get back!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Travelogue and Give Away!

Well I got home early yesterday and did, indeed, get some licks from Master Gryphon - what a funny old dog he is. While in Sarnia, Ontario I spent time with my family - though I had a really miserable cold. Did not stop me from doing a little tour around town so I could take some pictures to share. Unfortunately Saturday was not overly sunny but I think some of these turned out okay. My first stop was Canatara Park - a nice area of town right on Lake Huron, with a great beach - I spent many hours there growing up. We always went to the Children's Farm - unfortunately it was not open but did manage to get these shots.
First critters I ran into - Canadian Geese - go figure. Wonder if they are paying attention to the sign. There a few old buildings on the property which they open up for special events (like Easter and Christmas). The gates were closed for the day but I still had a poke around.Not far from the Park you can go under the Bluewater Bridge that links Ontario to Michigan. It is right where the St. Clair River opens into Lake Huron. When the shipping lanes are open in the Great Lakes you will get to see all kinds of ships passing through from different countries on their way up to Lake Superior. One of our favorite spots in the summer time (especially the Chip Truck).

And now for the Give Away (which I promised Master Gryphon could help with). On my way home I stopped in at the duty free and picked up a few "souvenirs".

If you leave a comment by noon, Saturday March 28th, I'll put you in for a draw ( based on a random number selection by Mr. G himself). Good Luck!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

somethins up!

oh's happenin again. first, that green bag thingy comes out
then another thingy called a "passport" (I personally don't need one 'cause I'm all American don't ya know)

she's talking quietly to dad about "parents" and a place called canada...can it be she's leaving town! Aaaaaghhhhh doesn't she know, she's my alpha queen, the ying to my yang (or the other way around, I can't remember, what do I know - I'm a dog...)...that she...
completes me!!!!! what am I going to do for three days and two nights!!!
okay, but I tell ya she is going to get a good lickin when she gets back Sunday (wail)... gryphon
(p.s. Mummy says she may bring something back that I can help to give away to one of you who feels sorry for come visit us again next week.)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Who's got the thimble?

It all started innocently enough...(isn't that always the way?)
All quilters need them - even the ugly looking ones (thimbles I mean)
And then it happens.

A lovely old one is given to you by a relative in England.

Your older neighbour at the cottage lets you have one that belonged to her mother.

Even dear hubby gets in the act (his, of course, is a manly one - The Coppergate York Helmet)
And then - jackpot!

You never intended to get this many...

Certainly not all at once!
But HOW could you resist (for $5.00 - that's $6.36 CDN) - and one even had your Zodiac sign (it was mean't to be - come home with me my darlings - little shelf and all).
So now, amongst all the other odds and ends you have - you suddenly collect thimbles! Sigh, still cheaper then booze or drugs...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What A Great Show!

Over 250 folks came by to see our work - we are all very flattered of course - but then again we do such great work (no modesty here!). Carol has already posted some shots so be sure to check her blog. Meanwhile, here are a few I captured. It just keeps getting better every year...

Linda's Quilt greeted you as you came in to the main area.

Karen's Pink Lone Star was one of my favorites (you can never get enough pink!)

I have to show you the Round Robin Quilts I contributed to...

Lori's "Protect Your Nuts" (an inside joke)- the squirrels were my add ;->

Carol's Colorful Christmas - doves, bells and stocking..

Bonnie's Winter Friends - the little chap on the sled

I also just loved, loved, loved Karen's Peter Rabbit - she also had a Teacup one but I could not get a good shot of - and this picture certainly does not do Karen's and Carol R's quilting justice..
Finally, we had Alice's very old Egyptian quilts - real conversation pieces (who knew Nefrititi was a quilter ;->). Enjoy!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

And the Winner is!

Lately my hubby has been following the manly pursuit of buying a new car. To give him credit, he did do his research. Currently he drives a 1999 Durango - very clunky and over 120,000 miles (he does a lot of driving). He boiled it down to 3 choices - all which we test drove..
A Toyota RAV4

Nope - thought this was the worst of the three - felt "cheap" compared to the other two (which of course NONE of them are). Sales Rep - hyper TJ...

A Subaru Forester
Better, however the passenger seat was low to the ground while the driver was able to adjust up so high my hubby was talking "down" to me! Can't have that. Sales Rep - Polish Bob - I kid you not, it was right on his business card - like buying from your Granddad....

And the winner (two thumbs up) a Honda CR-V - Sweet... Even the picture looks better! Sales Rep - laid back AJ

So we are off today, between Quilt show coverage, to buy it...I know my hubby is psyched - this is the car most of his pals are also interested in and he will be the first kid on the block (so to speak) to have one. Of course this is his birthday present (so happens March 29th is the big day) for the next 10 years (probably Christmas to)... Good news is, I need a new car to! Hmmmmm...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'ts Hungry Work...

...setting up a Quilt Show! Won't confess who's "remains" these are, but they looked funny beside the vintage sewing machine. As you can see from the next pic we had a lot to do! More pics later after the show starts...
AND I am a lucky, lucky girl - lookie what my gal pal Carol gave me - it was really sweet of her and she knew I would really appreciate them - I already have plans to frame for my sewing room. THANKS Carol ;->... P.S. If you want to see a sexy pic of me go visit Carol's blog...

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

As My Mum Would Say...

...only two more sleeps - until the big Quilt Show March13th - 15th (no, she would not say the bit about the Quilt Show, but I bet she would have if she belonged to as neat a Guild as I do ;->). For you local folks hope you can come and see us this weekend - you might even get to meet me and my pal Carol!
Be sure to check back for Show pics as they get loaded!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Could Not Wait!

Well our big Quilt Show (scroll down on this link to see the details) is this weekend and our Guild is scramblin to get ready. There was a great story about our featured quilter, Leslie, in the local paper. Meanwhile, we have a regular Guild meeting tomorrow night which means our monthly Artist Trading Cards have to be ready! I know at least one of my ATC partners visits my blog but I could not WAIT to post my creations - besides, this month none look exactly the same so while I still have them all...

This month the theme was Bling.

The "blingyer" (is that a word?) the better.

BUT I always try to use only what I have already and not buy more embellishments

That said, I think they turned out quite nice, don't you? And I'm not even sure which one I want to keep for myself..

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day Light Savings Time

I'm not a big fan of daylight savings time - especially this time of the year. That whole "spring forward" thing irks me. So when Miss Gwendoline decided it was time to get up this morning, I was not a happy camper. I always feel like all the things I plan to do on this day will fall behind. And at 7 am it was still dark. I was grumpy putting on my walking shoes and taking G&G out for their walk. I was grumpy dragging out a warm coat (will Winter ever quit?). I was grumpy opening the door thinking about all I had to do.

Then something wonderful happened. It wasn't really that dark out. In fact dawn was pushing itself to light our way. It wasn't really that cold out - a little ice from yesterday's rain - but not really that bad. And I could hear the birds every where. Living outside of town in a wooded area has its benefits. All kinds of birds were calling each other - you know, the calls you get first thing on a "SPRING" morning. It was just what I needed to hear. In fact G&G and I took a longer walk then planned. Yes Winter is finally losing it's grip and yes Spring will come. Don't get me wrong - I still don't like DST, but if it is a sign of things to come then I guess that's okay with me.....

Friday, March 6, 2009

Timing is Everything

Recently I was bemoaning the fact that I had not come across my favorite "thrift" items. Well, timing truly is everything....I happened to drop into one of my local thrift shops on a whim and look what I found!

Some lovely hankies

Pristine embroidery work

Cute apron

Pillowcases for the Guest Room...

One of the staff was literally putting this one out - it needs to be cleaned but I was happy to take it.

Love the crocheted Roses....

All in one visit! AND I never spend over my limit.... I always wonder about the person who originally owned these items - or put so much work into making them. I especially get drawn to some of the crochet work as I feel I should "adopt an afghan" - but there are so many to choose from I prevent myself - I certainly don't have room for them all. Hope you enjoy seeing my most recent treasures...