Monday, March 16, 2009

Who's got the thimble?

It all started innocently enough...(isn't that always the way?)
All quilters need them - even the ugly looking ones (thimbles I mean)
And then it happens.

A lovely old one is given to you by a relative in England.

Your older neighbour at the cottage lets you have one that belonged to her mother.

Even dear hubby gets in the act (his, of course, is a manly one - The Coppergate York Helmet)
And then - jackpot!

You never intended to get this many...

Certainly not all at once!
But HOW could you resist (for $5.00 - that's $6.36 CDN) - and one even had your Zodiac sign (it was mean't to be - come home with me my darlings - little shelf and all).
So now, amongst all the other odds and ends you have - you suddenly collect thimbles! Sigh, still cheaper then booze or drugs...


  1. Julie, what a cute post and an appropriate collection!!

  2. Today, I was telling Nancy Stanley about your collection, and she said that she collects them also. You two should compare your collections.

  3. What a lovely collection of thimbles. I love the little white china one with the red bird. I only have one thimble but it's very special as it once belonged to my grandmother :-)