Monday, November 23, 2009

If You Go Out In The Woods Today... out for Teddy Bears! I really don't know how it got started but somehow my Christmas decorations consist of a large contingent of little fur balls.

I have this old sleigh I rescued from the road side trash (apparently that is against the law in my fair town so lucky I was not caught - but seriously, people throw out the best things!). It is filled with bigger fellows.

And here is my tree. It was too dark for my photo shoot so a full shot of the tree really looks like a black blob so I'm going for close ups.

I have bears from everywhere and everyone.

Even Australia...

I have other things too - remember him Sis?

Here are some more...

I even have a "Care Bear" hubby gave me when we were "courtin" (he told me I was such a dweeb when I showed it to him last night, but he smiled and gave me a peck anyways - I guess I'm a lovable dweeb).

Well we are off to Canada for the long weekend. Master Gryphon's leg is holding up and Miss Gwendoline is packed (she will hate every mile there - not a car dog at all). I look forward to telling you about our adventures when I get back (though really I'd rather not have adventures and just catch up on my sleep deficit....). Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and see you on the other side. Jewels.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Linens and Things

As I continue to "unpack" I find all those treasures from last year. I like Christmas linens though I don't have very many old pieces.

The Noel Christmas skirt was picked up at a garage sale.

While they are not "technically" Christmas, I love red and white crocheted pot holders - they go over to the kitchen.

The Santa bag is made from retro material but the Santa print and table cloth I thrifted are old definitely.

Speaking of old (ahem), the tartan scarf was mine at a very early age - and my Mum had these fabric name tags she sewed on to make sure we did not lose items (I'm sure I still did anyway LOL). I bring it out a Christmas to (it's all about tradition).

Hubby bought me a Hudson Bay blanket for Christmas one year (not a vintage one - waaaayyyy too expensive). It looks nice as a background to this old Christmas card - I have plenty of those.

Finally, that's me doing my shopping against one of my vintage napkin set - I look very fashionable don't you think - though carrying around a wreath with all those packages would be a bit of a pain .....up next, the Tree!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Decorating or Here We Go Again....

Well it's that time of year (again) and if I don't get decorations out now it will be right before we leave for Canada for the holidays that anything will get done...since we moved here I have only ever seen my Christmas Tree on Christmas Day once! So I try to get it out so we get to appreciate it for at least a couple of weeks.

I literally have TUBS (this is just the tip of the iceberg - though some of you I suspect have much more then me... ) of Christmas crap stuff I put out (I honestly thought I had downsized the end of last season but apparently not). I find my desire to decorate ebbs and flows every year - it really depends on what has been happening. How about you? Some years I can't wait, others I'm just as happy not to (you can tell we don't have kids)... I personally don't think I'm good at it. I always remember the year we bought our first (and only) real tree only to have it fall over in the living room after we decorated it and whack out the living room furniture (not to mention the number of broken baubles, waaah). Nope, we are just not born to the Christmas decorating gene in this household (unlike my sister, but that's another story) ...

But this year I've been inspired by many of my blogging friends so I thought I'd give it a go. Since I have SO much to show you I thought I'd just ease you in, starting with some of my vintage items. The above planter is a Royal Windsor piece I picked up at a garage sale one year. Just thought it was different.

I've managed to collect a number of teacups, so the ones with a Christmas "theme" get to go out - these are headed for the kitchen along with...

...this set of salt and pepper shakers I got during a present exchange in college MANY (we won't say exactly how MANY) years ago. I actually had forgotten about them until one year my Mum pulled them out and said "they're yours" (yeah Mum) ...

A gift shop downtown closed out a few years back which is where I snagged the Snowmen

and Santa

and kids on a sleigh - none are truly vintage - I just liked the look. Well that's it for now - did not want to overwhelm you all at once - more later - and let me know what your favorite decoration is... Jewels

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have been DYING to make this post - but I had to wait till my "art" was recieved. Recently one of my favorite bloggers, Beth, talked about A Very Casual Round Robin she started for an Altered Book with some of her friends. Not one to be shy, I asked if I could make a page to add (even though I'm not part of the circle, boo hoo). You see, I've wanted to work on pages for some time - and I keep threatening that I will make my own book.

But time (really time) and may be a little reluctance on my part to cut a book apart (yeah it's the Librarian in me) has prevented me from getting started - though I have lots of old/cheap/roughed up books I could in point - 50 cents (that's 53 cents Canadian today)...but I'd probably place some arty thing over the boy - he looks pissed about something...

Anyway, I thought I'd stick my virtual toe in and created this page for Beth (dimensions are 6 x 9). The saying is "She is too fond of books, and it has addled her brain. Louisa May Alcott" (I swear it is just a coincidence) You CANNOT imagine the angst I went through - I'm a fabric girl, not a paper one, so this really stretched me - and it really was more then an oversized ATC! Gracious Beth stated I could work with material if I liked....

I learned a few things for the next time (oh yes there will be a next time). I especially like the back! Found in an old Ideals book...

But wait, there's more! After I finished my page, and before it got in the Post, I happened to come across an old (1920) Yearbook from the University of Kansas...and guess where Beth I could not resist - a second page was born (I think I've got the bug!).

My greatest concern (and don't we all feel this way about things we make/give away) would she like it???

Well I'm happy to report sheLOVES them (yahoo!) now I've committed to make my own - and here is the cover to start (it actually is not quite this yellow). 6 x 9" dimensions. I've already figured out the first page in my head. Stay tuned - I'll even let you watch the surgery when it happens!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

I'm no Julia Child...

…but thank goodness I can cook. My Mum taught me well. However, with our life style, hubby and I rarely have time to pull out the stops and cook big dinners. That’s when I have to rely on some standbys like my Mum’s Egg & Bacon Pie…

It is one of the EASIEST recipes so I thought, since we are having it for dinner tonight, I would share. Over the years I’ve found short cuts which make it even that much quicker to make!

First the pastry – yeah Pillsbury! When they introduced their premade pie pastry that you could “roll” out (and two in a pack!) I knew exactly how I would use it! I could have kissed the genius who figured this one out...
Now I know it says Egg and Bacon but since Mr. Jewels went all veggie on me I’ve had to leave out the English style bacon (as some call it – sigh, I miss those days).
Pre cut mushrooms (I really am lazy) are another time saver – and I think it is hilarious that the mushrooms in my local grocery store come from Canada!
Green onion, parsley and pepper top it off.
Throw that crust on top and you are done Sister! And 45 minutes later voila …
…Mr. Jewels likes it with Heinz Salad Dressing (don’t ask me why). A little salad on the side and you are all set! Here is the whole recipe. If you try it, let me know what you think…It got Miss Gwendoline's sniff of approval. Enjoy!

My Mum's Egg and Bacon Pie
Preheat oven to 350 degrees
Line pie dish with pastry – I use
Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crust
Cover with English style bacon (ham would do to)
Break 5 eggs on top – with fork prick yolk
Add chopped green onion, mushrooms, parsley ( as much as you like of each)
Put crust on top – cut air holes
Back in oven for 45 minutes until crust is golden brown

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Only A Paper Doll REVEAL

Well here are the rest of my ATCs for this month - one for each of my ATC Peeps...

Deb Claire
and of course Carol (aka Fun Old Hag)... you can check out her cards at her blog (I got Jane Arden) - what fun! Next month - Jungle Boogie!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

In The Attic

WARNING: May offend animal lovers..

Don't get me wrong, I like mice, I reallly do... Beatrix Potter books

..those these two look like hoodlums to me

And other sweet fairy tales...Narnia's Reepicheep was kinda cool...

..but when they are "doin the dance" in the attic above my headboard at 11pm at night I have to draw the line...

Unfortunately, that particular part of our attic has not been looked in since we bought the house in 2000 (gulp). And hubby, not particularly fond of playing the role of assassin (some how my family thinks I'm better at it - ask my Sister about the chipmunk slayings) left me to do the dirty deed.

So equipped with my "packets", long sleeve shirt, hat, safety glasses and flashlight (heh, you never know what might fall on your head !)...

I entered the black hole (man I've got to lose a few pounds). Astalavista micey friends - the party is officially over (she laughed wickedly)...
now if I can only get them to vacate the Garage!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Only a Paper Doll...

Well November's Guild meeting is coming up in less then a week and this month our ATC theme is paper dolls.

I pondered a lot on this one - certainly lots of neat graphics on the web. Vintage and contemporary.

I actually have a stack of McCall's magazines from the 1960s in my basement with good ole Betsy in them.
I definitely wanted this months ATC to be "all paper" befitting the theme! Which mean't doing some things different for me. I ended up combining things I found in boxes (what is it about things in boxes, they are like the mice in my garage, they seem to just reproduce themselves without me knowing it - mind you the fact that I have a bad habit of tossing things in the first container I can find and then not revisiting it for months probably has something to do with it - of course they are going to reproduce themselves 'cause I'm certainly not paying attention - but I digress....).

Anyway, here is the end result - I'm only previewing the one that I am going to keep (hence the J) - I'm torn between I love it (vintage photo meets Mary Engelbreit) and I'm not so sure (some kind of Bride of Chuckie thing going on)... Anyway, let me know what you think!