Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I have been DYING to make this post - but I had to wait till my "art" was recieved. Recently one of my favorite bloggers, Beth, talked about A Very Casual Round Robin she started for an Altered Book with some of her friends. Not one to be shy, I asked if I could make a page to add (even though I'm not part of the circle, boo hoo). You see, I've wanted to work on pages for some time - and I keep threatening that I will make my own book.

But time (really time) and may be a little reluctance on my part to cut a book apart (yeah it's the Librarian in me) has prevented me from getting started - though I have lots of old/cheap/roughed up books I could use....case in point - 50 cents (that's 53 cents Canadian today)...but I'd probably place some arty thing over the boy - he looks pissed about something...

Anyway, I thought I'd stick my virtual toe in and created this page for Beth (dimensions are 6 x 9). The saying is "She is too fond of books, and it has addled her brain. Louisa May Alcott" (I swear it is just a coincidence) You CANNOT imagine the angst I went through - I'm a fabric girl, not a paper one, so this really stretched me - and it really was more then an oversized ATC! Gracious Beth stated I could work with material if I liked....

I learned a few things for the next time (oh yes there will be a next time). I especially like the back! Found in an old Ideals book...

But wait, there's more! After I finished my page, and before it got in the Post, I happened to come across an old (1920) Yearbook from the University of Kansas...and guess where Beth lives...so I could not resist - a second page was born (I think I've got the bug!).

My greatest concern (and don't we all feel this way about things we make/give away) would she like it???

Well I'm happy to report sheLOVES them (yahoo!) ....so now I've committed to make my own - and here is the cover to start (it actually is not quite this yellow). 6 x 9" dimensions. I've already figured out the first page in my head. Stay tuned - I'll even let you watch the surgery when it happens!


  1. Hey, good luck with your book. You inspired me to serve breakfast for dinner tonight, we had french toast and sausage, due to your previous post of egg pie. Yours however was much more healthy, me thinks. lol

  2. Julie, those pages are wonderful! You are really creating beautiful things and I am so tickled for you. I am excited to watch and see the things that you work on and the outcome of your projects. Love the 1920 Jayhawker - both my kids and my son-in-law are Jayhawkers and my oldest granddaughter went to law school there. And I love your new picture of a couple of cute doggies - great look for the holidays upcoming. Have so much fun working on an altered book. Hugs, Carol