Saturday, April 18, 2015

DLP Week 14 and 15

I find if I don't take the time I just don't get around capturing the story for each of my DLP pages! Work has been extremely busy, and distracting, but things are slowing down and there is a light at the end of the tunnel to which I say HURRAH!!!!! I can get back to things I really like to do. AND there are lots of little projects planned for Maple Hill again this summer (more on that later)... 

DLP Week 14 was all about water colours - not something I do much with. 
In fact I think I forced it to work like acrylics - but it worked. 
The prompt was "water under the bridge" - frankly I have found most of the prompts rather "heavy" so I have chosen to reinterpret or just go my own way altogether.... I enlarged an ATC I made a few years back and incorporated it into my page.
Week 15 was acrylics - now that I can get into. I recently took a walk in a nearby park and came across a lovely patch of pussywillows - just love them. 
And they always remind me of one of my favorite Gordon Lightfoot songs. 
So did my own interpretation - and it had no connection with the prompt "cry me a river" lol except to say I am crying tears of joy that Spring is finally here!!! My first daffodil finally bloomed (and yes it's April 18th!!!). Enjoy, Jewels

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Liberate Your Art 2015 Recap

I participated in Kat's Liberate your Art 2015 Swap - send her 6 copies of your art in a printed post card format (I used MOO to make mine) and you will get 6 in return - kinda cool...Unfortunately I can only account for where 3 of my landed, oh well....
I decided to use my Mail Art card that I submitted for What's Your View earlier this year. Love how this turned out.
This is what I received in return. From Snap...
From Deanie Houghtaling...
From April Roco...
From Kate Lehman...
And from Charlotte Prado...
And all together including my 6th card from Kat. This is their permanent home for now. I enjoyed the process of getting cards done by MOO and will definitely do that again so I can send my friends "art" (if they want it lol). Thanks to everyone who participated and also to Kat Sloma for organizing. Enjoy. Jewels. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

One Staple Collage - Hearts and Tea

Awhile back I posted about an exchange with my pal Mo - we decided to do a One Staple the time hers had not arrived across the big pond and we were both quite concerned what happened to it. In fact, Mo decided to send another!
Well the good news - her first piece - after many, many weeks finally arrived albeit in pretty rough shape. The postal service actually put it in one of their "we are sorry we trashed your mail but here it is" envelopes LOL.
How sweet - love the colours....AND
Wee Man, her grandson Logan, also included a piece for me which is now in residence with Mr. Darcy in my office at work...I had some very nice comments from co-workers about it...AND
She added a bunch of lovely bits and pieces for me to use in future projects (heh, how did she know I have a thing for David Tennant - reading The Bride of Lammermoor of all things!!!)...AND
This week her second piece arrived - I collect tea cups so it was very fitting and now is on display on my tea cup shelf...
Thanks so much Mo and Logan! I hope we can do again ( but without another postal incident!!!!). Enjoy. Jewels

Monday, April 6, 2015

DLP 2015 Week 12 and 13

Catching up on my posts for DLP! Both past weeks were new and fun things for me.
Week 12 - Challenge was As a Focal Point and the prompt was Coming into Focus....I started with the back ground not quite sure where I was going with "focus" ( a lot of folks used it for things like glasses, cameras, etc).
I decided to go with focus on "time" - I was actually inspired by a bill board I had driven by on the highway!
Not sure on how to draw a clock so I went over to Graphics Fairy for inspiration and found this lovely image....
... and the last minute decided I needed to add wings to it (seriously I thought I was done!)
Week 13 Challenge was Make a Custom Element and the prompt was the quote "Ride the Energy of your own unique spirit" (Gabrielle Roth).  Well, that was easy because I LIVE with a unique little man Mr. Darcy...
...and he reminds me everyday  :) ....I took a photo of him and drew on a piece of dictionary paper (my custom piece) and then just went from there....My Dad always says he sees purple hair in Mr. D's coat which is why I went with that colour...
Wild stuff going with layers in the background but I love the colour.
That's it! On to water colours this week... Enjoy. Jewels