Friday, October 28, 2011

Poetry Gift Books

I think thrifting a vintage poetry gift book is pretty cool.
But seven at about 50 cents a pop is just brilliant! The American Association of University Women (AAUW) have a book sale twice a year in our local mall to raise funds for scholarships.
I try to go early and look at their "collectibles" table on the off chance I will find a reasonably cheap find that I have no problems "recycling". Also in the hope I beat the book sellers who show up and literally swipe loads of books off into cardboard boxes (hardly seems fair to us casual buyers)...
These gifts books were published by Cupples and Leon, The Holiday Publishing Company, and De Wolfe and Fiske.
They all date around the early 1900s - since 4 of them were in a Ziplock bag (yep) together I am assuming they were all donated at the same time from the same source.
The graphics are just lovely - with lots of "patina".
Some have inscriptions like: Miss Mackie, Best wishes from E.A. Williams, 1905.
Now the struggle is scan and keep or scan and "use". Some of the covers really are sweet and I can incorporate so much into different projects.
Absolutely love this one...
But like I've said before - they won't get seen if they sit in the bottom of a box somewhere - so unless you see one that I can sell and make a killing, they await my art table! Enjoy, Jewels.

Monday, October 24, 2011

On the Road Again

I was thinking of my very few attempts to ride a motorcycle (always as a passenger) when I made this ATC. The couple are from a Harley-Davidson ad in the May 1951 issue of Popular Mechanics (which I nabbed at the Recycling Center ages ago - love those freebies). It was just never something I got into, but I must say you have to envy this couple - they really look like they are enjoying themselves. His hat kinda reminds me of Marlon Brando in The Wild One...but that's about it - Marlon also had the super cool leather jacket, not flannel shirt.
Background is an old postcard of the Sandia Crest in New Mexico. A scrap from a road map and the perfect wording from another set of "retro" postcards. Wonder how she manages to stay so "glam" (and without a helmet) LOL. Enjoy. Jewels

Sunday, October 23, 2011

For the Birds...

Yesterday we had a relatively warm (60's) day and sunshine - a good day to get out and do the last of the gardening for the year. I still  have one flowering bush that, despite the colder temperatures, are keeping Maple Hill bees busy - I decided not to cut it back so they can get their last "food" for the season...

Its also time to bring out the bird feeders - which I know attract all kinds of other wildlife to our house (deer, squirels (black and brown), chipmunks - okay the chippies live here year round despite my best efforts...). But there is something about seeing woodpeckers, blue jays, cardinals and hearing the chikadees that just make my day - so I think it is a good trade off.
Speaking of birds...hubby and I went and saw a really nice movie last night - The Big Year - I did not know what to expect as the three leads - Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson - are known for there over the top comedy. But in this movie they did a wonderful job of playing three very different individuals that are avid bird watchers trying to win an annual "birding" competition. No slapstick, crude language or obligatory sex scenes (which I have nothing against, but its nice to see a movie without all those elements). I highly recommend it - especially if you love birds... Enjoy Jewels

Friday, October 14, 2011

Dancing with the Stars

I don't actually follow Dancing with the Stars but the gal I've been seeing for Physical Therapy sure does and I get an update every week on the results. She seems a little perturbed I don't recognize most of the names of the supposed "stars" - not that I actually do want to know who these people are...But at a minimum I thought I should brush up on my knowledge of dance steps when I thrifted "Walk Your Way to Better Dancing" written in 1952. Who knew! And here I thought you actually had to dance your way to better dancing (sigh). That aside, I've been intrigued by the pictures and the instructions for preparation to walk your way to dancing.

Like this one on Body Control. According to the text I may have slovenly habits as a result of my desk job - oh dear. Do you think the cigarette in her hand is actually helping her posture? Seems to be at a different angle where she is "correct" don't you think. Still, I don't plan to take up smoking any time soon... ;>

There are chapters on the Fox Trot, Waltz, Tango, Conga and (my favorite) the Lindy Hop which inspired this ATC. Ah for the days when a Man was a Man and a Girl was a Girl (seriously if I was her I'd kick him in the shins) ... Enjoy, Jewels

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quilt Repair

There is something about the feel, the colours, the patina of old quilts...every time I pick one up I think "what's your story".

So I was quite happy when my sister in law asked if I could do some damage control on a lovely summer quilt she had bought for my niece (don't be fooled, while it was all hand quilted those are NOT individual blocks - instead two large pieces of fabric sewn together). The binding definetly was in bad shape and needed some tender loving care...
After consulting with my Guild peeps, we all came the conclusion it had to was required as there was no way to fix it...Fortunately cutting it off did not really impact much on the overall size...
Though it did allow me to see some very old batting that had lumped up so much in some spots it had to be removed...The challenge then was to pick a matching fabric that did not distract from the original material...I tried a white muslin but it was just too white...
And then, without thinking about it too much, I found the perfect match in JoAnnes....
Kate (my sister in law) and Sydney (my niece) were quite happy with the end result. It has returned to its rightful place on Syd's cottage bed (it is, after all, a summer quilt)...enjoy, Jewels

Friday, October 7, 2011

You say it's your birthday....

I'm usually pretty quiet about my birthday - I never sign up when they pass the list around at work asking "which month is your birthday". I really don't need the reminder. I do try to take the day off if I can just to relax a little and have a personal celebration. But it just so happens my birthday is on the same weekend as my wedding anniversary AND Canadian Thanksgiving! So lots to celebrate.

The reason why I mention it this year is because I think I got a lovely early birthday postcards from Lenna's Swap arrived just before the "big" day!
And they are all just great. This one is from my pal Beth who happens to live in the same state (Michigan) though she is a bit of a hike from our lovely Maple Hill...She is one of my Mail Art Peeps so I am already very familiar with her work. She does such a lovely job layering her collages - read all about how she made her postcards here.

Next one up is from Donnalee - a wonderful FLORIDA card - just lovely both front and back! I have always liked those vintage postcards letting everyone know where you've been on vacation. Well done!

Last, but not least, I am very smitten by my card from Jo (believe you me I was jonesing with Lenna to get one of these). Jo and I have had the pleasure of getting to know each other over the past year and often recieve each others art. I really like Jo's techniques (I am always learning something new) and this postcard was no exception. Read all about it on her blog.

Thanks everyone for contributing to a really great B-Day (and no I am not telling you how old I am LOL). Hubby, Miss Gwendoline, the Tank and I are going away for the weekend to enjoy the fall colours - I'll tell you all about it next week. Cheers, Jewels