Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quilt Repair

There is something about the feel, the colours, the patina of old quilts...every time I pick one up I think "what's your story".

So I was quite happy when my sister in law asked if I could do some damage control on a lovely summer quilt she had bought for my niece (don't be fooled, while it was all hand quilted those are NOT individual blocks - instead two large pieces of fabric sewn together). The binding definetly was in bad shape and needed some tender loving care...
After consulting with my Guild peeps, we all came the conclusion it had to was required as there was no way to fix it...Fortunately cutting it off did not really impact much on the overall size...
Though it did allow me to see some very old batting that had lumped up so much in some spots it had to be removed...The challenge then was to pick a matching fabric that did not distract from the original material...I tried a white muslin but it was just too white...
And then, without thinking about it too much, I found the perfect match in JoAnnes....
Kate (my sister in law) and Sydney (my niece) were quite happy with the end result. It has returned to its rightful place on Syd's cottage bed (it is, after all, a summer quilt)...enjoy, Jewels


  1. Oh this quilt came out so nice and I love your sweet tags below with the vintage images.

  2. Really like the polka dot edging. Good choice. It's nice to know that a family favorite can be rejuventated. Nicely done, Jewels.

  3. Good job, Julie. The polka dot fabric was just made for it.

  4. It really turned out lovely - thanks Julie!