Friday, June 26, 2009


Hi everyone - I am getting ready to hit the road but thought I'd leave you with a challenge before I go...
I picked up an old BHG book on Patchwork and Quilting (1977) and in it was this pattern. I had seen it before in another one of their publications but with no instructions so I was happy to find this! While I don't want to do a full Twin size I think it would make a cute wall hanging (not sure if I'd use the same colour scheme though). Imagine my disappointment when I turned the page and found this as the "pattern" for each block (ughhhhh) - the old 1 square = 1 inch....Does anyone have any suggestions on how to "easily" blow up the pattern (there are 20 blocks in all). How on earth did they use to do it (directions - "Enlarge each block to its actual size using tracing paper" - no way jose!). I'd really appreciate hearing your suggestions - and any ideas on alternate colour schemes.
Meanwhile, we are off to the Homeland - if I can "log in" I will - if not, see you on the other side!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nightstand Report (for the Cottage)

I love Somerset magazines - not so keen on the price though so I am selective on which of their many publications I purchase. The one I like the best is Sew Somerset. I have all four issues they have published so far - and it is not easy to get (just ask me about my multiple trips to the local Barnes and Noble). Since it is an "irregular" publication you can't subscribe to it. Anyway, Summer 2009 is out and I got a copy. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get "inspired". This issue is coming to the cottage with me for night time reading. My score - 5 lampshades out of a possible 5! So what's on your nightstand? (P.S. If anyone has a copy of the Winter 2009 issue of Somerset Life and would be willing to "lend" it to me PLEASE let me know - there are no back issues available from the publisher and I never got a chance to see it ;-< - thanks!)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Six Days and Counting

Yes we’re going on vacation. Hubby, Miss Gwendoline, Master Gryphon and I are heading out for TWO WHOLE WEEKS! This is a trip we’ve been planning for awhile. Our final destination, of course, is the Cottage. But we thought we might take a more scenic route to get there this time.
So, next Saturday we will head northern Michigan to Sault Ste. Marie. We have only crossed the Mackinac Bridge once and, guess what, it was completely encased in fog – we did not see a single thing. But of course anyone who knows me will know that I was totally freaking out about the heights (and the fact the wind was making the dang bridge swing!). I will be keeping my eyes firmly shut the whole cross over this time I’m sure (Miss Gwenie, who absolutely hates car rides, will sympathize with me).
Our first night will be in the Soo and we will be in walking distance to see the locks. After a night there we will head over to Sudbury, stopping at sites in between. Hubby has a “plan” apparently so I’ll just be along for the ride.

We are going to stay a couple of nights in Sudbury so we can make a day trip to Killarney Park (a place we’ve always wanted to visit). We may even get a chance to go see the Big Nickel.
Then it is down to Manitoulin Island “the world’s largest freshwater island”! A day trip will get us to the south side of the island where we get to take the Chi-Cheemaun (which translates as Big Canoe) ferry down to the Bruce Peninsula and our home base in Tobermory for the rest of our vacation.
We will be there just in time for Canada Day, July 1st (yeah) but of course we are also happy to join anyone who wants to light firecrackers for the Fourth of July. Though I have to log on for work (ugh) I don’t know if I’ll be able to do much blogging – I’ll be sure to bring lots of pics back so I can share our adventures with you….Our route back will be the usual way - down to Sarnia, across the bridge at Port Huron and back to Michigan.

Of course, I’m completely unprepared at this point and have a very full work week to get through first – should be interesting! The older I get the less concerned I am whether or not I have everything – all you need is clean underwear, a toothbrush and a credit card really (well and of course dog food, dog toys, dog meds, dog water bowl – heh, how come they get to bring so much stuff!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


...I've been VERY remiss. Remember a while back I found all those Doll patterns - and promised to send the Barbie ones out to whomever wanted them....well I finally got them in the post today! Granted I had some good excuses - business trip, vacation, sewing machine MIA... see I wanted to include something special for Marian living in a land down under - the final destination for those patterns - and of course that was when my machine got held captive for three weeks by the Repair Guy... anyway, what do you think? Carol provided me with the lovely graphic some weeks ago, and I found the quote in a picture on Elizabeth's blog (one of my favorite haunts). The vintage lace came from Beth. It's 5x7 and has a nice pink ribbon to hang it up (or it could be framed)...

Marian, if you are visiting, let me know when the package arrives...and I hope you like the little extra I added!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Grateful Any Day

I know lots of bloggers choose days of the week to list things they are grateful for – and our Guild Prez likes to start our meetings with her “gratefuls” ..To buck a trend, so to speak, I decided I’d post from time to time (in other words, Any Day) things I’m grateful for. And not the usual stuff (OF COURSE I’m grateful for my hubbie and family and the fact that everyday I gain consciousness to fight the good fight to called Life) …

So here are some things that came to mind recently (no particular order).

I am grateful for…

…a really good ham sandwich. When the heavens align and a. the bread is fresh b. the ham is perfect c. the “good”mustard (French’s of course) is in the fridge (hubbie just thinks it’s the worst stuff on the planet) I can’t think of anything better – awesome. (Note: I personally don't add the cheese like in the pic, but I thought it was a good one so used it - makes me hungry looking at it). Come to think about it, I've always had a thing for cooked ham - I once told a boyfriend I loved him as much as cooked ham - needless to say that relationship did not last :-<.
I am grateful for…
…finishing a run. Not because I set a goal for the day and completed it (how noble). I’m just grateful the dang thing is over and done with – geesh, like I enjoy exercising to keep my girlie figure! Yah I get this magazine and yah I will NEVER look like her (sniff)...
I am grateful for…
…stitching a straight line. Yes it seems the older I get the more wobbly I am – really. And I know that standing 10 feet away you will never see it – but there are times that ¼” seam just does not want to work – so I am VERY grateful when I finish a line and there it is, a perfect 9 ½ score (I’m never that accurate) - I'm Queen of the world!
Finally, today and everyday, I am grateful for…
…having all of you dropping in from time to time to see what’s up in my neck of the woods. Since I started just a few short months ago I’ve made some new friends and I appreciate all your comments, each and every one - so keep them coming.

Until my next Grateful Any Day … Cheers!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Latest ATCs

Carol and I just love to exchange ATCs (Claire and Deb too). She and I tend to like the same things so we go retro most times. Our latest cards include...
...Birds of a Feather (Carol seems to be into Flamingos - she even has one hanging around her front step at home!)

Outer Space - funny how we both used colorful stars - mine is the retro lady astronaut..

The funniest was our Bathing Beauties - I'm still not sure about my lily can see the rest of us at Carol's blog. That's it for ATCs until September; - we've got our list of ideas for next Guild Season so I've got plenty of time to think up new things (yeah right, how many times have I said that :-<)...

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Button Mania

- Are you looking for something in particular? The nice lady said.
- Oh, um, just looking for sewing stuff - you don’t by any chance have buttons?
- Well, let me think – any kind of buttons? I may have started a jar for buttons I take off of clothes we won’t sell…I’ll check the basement…

Few minutes later – 3 tins appear on the counter. “You won’t like the price” she said as I opened them up…
Oh, err…hmm and what would that be? I innocently asked as I started to drool…
Well, normally I would go through and make up packets and charge a $1.00 a bag so - $10.00 (That's $9.01 US).
Ah, okay (Brain is yelling - ARE YOU KIDDING!!!)
When I got home and started to sort look what I found….
Even ones that look like jewel encrusted piles of poop (Sis begs to differ)

AND when I flipped one of the tins it had this lovely old label on the bottom..
SCORE ;-> Sigh, some days really are good in Thrift Land …

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Girls on the Run is FUN!

Today was the end of season 3 mile run for Girls on the Run. It is a GREAT program for young girls Grades 3-5. They spend 10 weeks after school doing Life Lessons combined with exercise all culminating in a 3 mile run. They even get their own running shoes as part of the program. For June we always hook up with the Dow Run here in Midland which has some pretty serious runners. We had over 100 girls and their "running buddies" (including moi!) participating.
Lots of warm up exercises to get us going - it was a bit nippy (low 60's) so some girls were borrowing jackets to stay warm. Notice the lovely painted hair!
We had our own start time so a swarm of Green Shirts waited for the "go" signal.

I started running (we use that word loosely) with two girls - one who just took off and another, Alicia here, who unfortunately developed a stitch in her side (dang) - however, the purpose is NOT to compete, but to finish what you start - and she did along with rest of the girls! Every girl gets a medal to - Good for you Alicia!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

The “hospital” called to say…
I could pick up my baby (finally!)
While I appreciate everyone’s answers (Carol and Sis you were very creative), Leslie got it right – I’ve been lost without my sewing machine for over three weeks! AND I have ATCs to get ready for next Tuesday! Yikes…I need to get crackin…. And Leslie gets the Treat!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun Room Blues

I'm sad...
...a little depressed actually...

My "fun room" is lonely...

I've been stacking up thrift finds
and project ideas...not able to get to them - sigh -

some thing is missing - and has been for THREE weeks!
promises have been made, but no signs of return yet - can you guess what it is? First person to answer correctly will get a "treat"...