Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

The “hospital” called to say…
I could pick up my baby (finally!)
While I appreciate everyone’s answers (Carol and Sis you were very creative), Leslie got it right – I’ve been lost without my sewing machine for over three weeks! AND I have ATCs to get ready for next Tuesday! Yikes…I need to get crackin…. And Leslie gets the Treat!


  1. Oh good, what did i get? Is it fattening, will it make me smile, does it smell good, is it something to put on a shelf, ..... WHAT IS IT????? lol Thanks, can't wait to get my prize.

  2. I bet you WERE sad without your sewing machine- I know I'd go nuts without my knitting needles- but luckily, I have more than one pair- and if they break, well, I just get another set.

    Have a fun sewing weekend!

  3. I'm glad you got your sewing machine back!! We grow pretty attached to those little beauties! And looks like something neat for the ATC's - looking forward to the trade. :-) Carol

  4. 3 weeks!!! Good grief woman what did they have to do to it!!??
    J xox

  5. Hi! I know what you went through..... I have been unable to use my sewing machine for about 6 months. We moved and are renovating the house, it is taking a while to do!! So a lot of stuff is in boxes still.