Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nightstand Report (for the Cottage)

I love Somerset magazines - not so keen on the price though so I am selective on which of their many publications I purchase. The one I like the best is Sew Somerset. I have all four issues they have published so far - and it is not easy to get (just ask me about my multiple trips to the local Barnes and Noble). Since it is an "irregular" publication you can't subscribe to it. Anyway, Summer 2009 is out and I got a copy. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get "inspired". This issue is coming to the cottage with me for night time reading. My score - 5 lampshades out of a possible 5! So what's on your nightstand? (P.S. If anyone has a copy of the Winter 2009 issue of Somerset Life and would be willing to "lend" it to me PLEASE let me know - there are no back issues available from the publisher and I never got a chance to see it ;-< - thanks!)


  1. well... my up north cottage nightstand has a copy of Quiltmaker Magazine the December issue. There a few quilts in there that i am dreaming about making. I just love to look at it over and over, i also have some reading glasses, a longaberger basket that is in there limited edition white washed weave, a locally made cookbook, don't you just love the recipes that you can find in those church made cookbooks. Oh don't forget the digital alarm clock that is always 10 minutes fast. I don't know why that is because i keep on resetting it but "poof" it is 10 minutes fast again. Go figure.

  2. I haven't seen that Somerset magazine but it looks like a good one. Next time I'm at the mall I will stop by Barnes & Noble and see if they have a copy. You are almost ready to make your way north and I am sure you are itching to get on the road. Have a safe, fun and relaxing vacation!! Carol

  3. Too bad Somerset doesn't pay commissions because you talked me into buying Sew Somerset. Just last night as I was going to bed I was thinking I wanted a little bit of inspiration to dream on- this will be great!