Friday, June 12, 2009

Latest ATCs

Carol and I just love to exchange ATCs (Claire and Deb too). She and I tend to like the same things so we go retro most times. Our latest cards include...
...Birds of a Feather (Carol seems to be into Flamingos - she even has one hanging around her front step at home!)

Outer Space - funny how we both used colorful stars - mine is the retro lady astronaut..

The funniest was our Bathing Beauties - I'm still not sure about my lily can see the rest of us at Carol's blog. That's it for ATCs until September; - we've got our list of ideas for next Guild Season so I've got plenty of time to think up new things (yeah right, how many times have I said that :-<)...


  1. Oh good grief I laughed out loud when I saw you on the Bathing Beauty ATC!!! Too funny!
    J xo

  2. I love your ATC's! Thank you for visiting our blog and commenting because it's been very nice meeting you! Have a nice weekend! Twyla

  3. The ATC's look so neat together! This has been so much fun and will continue to be. Once the idea comes through, it's usually pretty easy to carry out. Fun! Carol