Friday, June 18, 2010

Garden and Thrifts

Maple Hill has been "blooming" lately. We've had an early summer and plenty of rain...
The lilies are especially pretty right now while I wait for my daisies and coneflowers to bloom...
My "seniors craft" is looking pretty good...
and I can't believe how long my violets have lasted (but I'm not complaining).
Meanwhile, I've had several thrift moments over the past few weeks (including some items given to me).
How sweet is this?
And what about this lovely piece of silk...
Any guesses what this is (a friend found at a garage sale and gave to me)...

Some sort of "collar" (though it has very short sleeves)?
Also some wonderful old lace for collages

This will get "refurbished" and used for cottage photos I think...

And old books (thrifted for the covers)
Finally, I always wanted to read this book (don't know how I've managed not to). I had heard a story recently on NPR about Anchee Min who had read The Good Earth and was so moved that she wrote Pearl of China as a tribute to Buck .....a few weeks later I found this old edition in the village library book "sale" near our cottage (where you donate however much you think is appropriate in the jar at the front door). This is a keeper for me...

Have a wonderful weekend! Jewels

Sunday, June 13, 2010

England 1, USA 1

The flags were hungThe TV set to the right station
Friends gathered
Even the three in the back (award for most funny comments during the game) - sorry, the light was not too good

And hubby (standing) had a great time (which is all that matters) - perhaps fitting it was a tie game - everyone left happy. Oh well, still a month to go of games! Cheers, Jewels

Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Weekend

Saying that all Brits are Soccer crazy is like, well, saying all Canadians are Curling crazy (NOT, but if you had said Hockey I may have responded differently)….
Well in my house, the Brits (i.e. hubby) ARE soccer crazy..and have been waiting for literally months for the South Africa games to begin

So much so that BEFORE Christmas I was informed that a room at a local bar had been “booked” for a very important date – June 12th (HuH? Said I unknowingly)
So much so that I have been TOLD (yes TOLD) I will be there to cheer on the Red and White…
…not Canadian Red and White mind you but ENGLAND (my family are Brits so I can't really argue with that)

So much so that I must look less then stylish and WEAR one of hubbies many England shirts (could not get away with being country neutral) because it is the day that England and the USA meet. I'm happy to say all are too big for me (whew).

I doubt very much many (if any) of my hubbies friends who he has invited will be cheering his homeland (I’m sure we will be outnumbered). Fortunately, Midland is very much a soccer town so there are plenty of folks interested...

It will be fun, and really that is what it is all about – so give a big cheer for St. George’s Cross and the English lads (sorry, but I’m pretty sure they are going to win ;->)….I will raise my Pint (or probably Chardonnay) to them LOL Jewels (the things we do to keep our other half happy!)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good Bones

I’ve had this chair for some time now – it was a freebie from a neighbour at an old address - headed for the curb.
I thought it had “good bones” and was perfect for sitting outside with seasonal decorations – you will have seen it in other postings…
This year I thought I’d brighten up things a bit and decided to change colour – no, not this (the primer).

But this – a very Canadian red! And a lovely red and white vinyl tablecloth does duty for the seat.

Better yet (be still my beating heart) a lovely trashy plastic planter (oh no, I'm becoming like my parents!). I was really torn between my sweet deer and a BEE UTI FUL white swan! But see’ins as we are land locked and as an ode to the real deer who tend dine out in my garden, I brought him home instead (hmmm…maybe not such a good idea if he attracts his living cousins….).

I may still go and get that swan though…she would look real nice in the back, chortle. Cheers, Jewels.

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Things We Keep

Funny the things we keep... I was going through some boxes the other day and found the usual - old cards, letters, photos, school art - things you would expect to find...

...and then there are always those things that bring back memories (kinda sorry, I don't know if I still have all my facts straight). Take for example Bunny - who certainly has seen better days.

Bunny was used to store my PJs - and I slept with him for many years - he survived a few good washings and at least one major surgery to sew his head back on...funny...

Or what about my Topsy

Doll... A present from my Grandmother (or Aunt, can't remember which) in England. At one time she actually had little plastic faces on each side but they eventually broke off...funny...

Then there is one of my very view "oriental" pieces. All I remember is being at home in bed with a terrible ear ache and my Dad, who had just been on a business trip to California, bringing back and giving me this bamboo plate - still have after all these years...funny...

I was not really a big doll fan when I was young - but for some reason my parents and Uncle at the time thought it very important for me to be "diverse" in my naturally I had to have a white doll and a black doll.

Here is the Christmas photo the year I received one of them...funny...
Of course I'm really the only one that all of these things have true meaning for. Maybe a younger relative will want them - but then again maybe not - but I don't mind (anyway, I really think they'd rather have my money, what there is of it, don't think I could convince them these are all "antiques" LOL).
While they're still all mine I'll pull them out every now and then and have a good memory...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big Reveal 2

Where to begin! It was a FANTASTIC weekend at our newly remodeled cottage…Sorry to bore you with pictures but I know a few folks are interested.
Our friend Jim and his brother did just a great job….it really looks quite different…
We bought some chairs to add some colour “pop” – I think they go really well
My Monarch Way Station sign is back up (though too early to have any sightings)
As is our old Fire House Bell (our version of a Door Bell)
The Back looks as good as the front
Only one hiccup - a slider door we can not seem to get delivered (first time - wrong door, second time - damaged, third time - did not show up this weekend) so still waiting for it to be installed

And (Sis will appreciate this) our neighbour cleaned out the back of her Garage which is adjacent to our property!!!! It was a dumping ground for her father who passed away recently (old windows, fridges, parts of all sorts laying about) – looks spiff now..
Early high temperatures meant we missed (YEAH) the usual black flies and many flowers were out early (I actually found out I had a lilac bush on the property which I never knew because I’ve never been there to see it flower!)
We have literally hundreds of Lady Slippers all around us - this is a great place to find wild orchids...
We ate well (organic Quiche! Notice beer – yes we drank well to)
Spent time in the village - here are some of our favorite shops…

If nothing else I love the signs!
It was not overly busy – everyone had been there the weekend before for Victoria Day weekend (no complaints from us)
Lots of wild life too
Including very happy (and lazy) puppies
We had only one bad day of weather – every other day was clear and blue as you see in the pics….My only complaint – TWO HOURS at the border coming back! An hour to get up to the Customs Booth AND THEN we got pulled over for a random check (another hour). I got nashed out for having seemingly illegal granola bars (argh - just so you know where your Tax Paying dollars are going).

That aside – it was a very lovely time…..