Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Big Reveal 2

Where to begin! It was a FANTASTIC weekend at our newly remodeled cottage…Sorry to bore you with pictures but I know a few folks are interested.
Our friend Jim and his brother did just a great job….it really looks quite different…
We bought some chairs to add some colour “pop” – I think they go really well
My Monarch Way Station sign is back up (though too early to have any sightings)
As is our old Fire House Bell (our version of a Door Bell)
The Back looks as good as the front
Only one hiccup - a slider door we can not seem to get delivered (first time - wrong door, second time - damaged, third time - did not show up this weekend) so still waiting for it to be installed

And (Sis will appreciate this) our neighbour cleaned out the back of her Garage which is adjacent to our property!!!! It was a dumping ground for her father who passed away recently (old windows, fridges, parts of all sorts laying about) – looks spiff now..
Early high temperatures meant we missed (YEAH) the usual black flies and many flowers were out early (I actually found out I had a lilac bush on the property which I never knew because I’ve never been there to see it flower!)
We have literally hundreds of Lady Slippers all around us - this is a great place to find wild orchids...
We ate well (organic Quiche! Notice beer – yes we drank well to)
Spent time in the village - here are some of our favorite shops…

If nothing else I love the signs!
It was not overly busy – everyone had been there the weekend before for Victoria Day weekend (no complaints from us)
Lots of wild life too
Including very happy (and lazy) puppies
We had only one bad day of weather – every other day was clear and blue as you see in the pics….My only complaint – TWO HOURS at the border coming back! An hour to get up to the Customs Booth AND THEN we got pulled over for a random check (another hour). I got nashed out for having seemingly illegal granola bars (argh - just so you know where your Tax Paying dollars are going).

That aside – it was a very lovely time…..


  1. Hard to believe that in this day of such unhealthy eaters and habits that you would get busted for granola. lol The place looks just wonderful. Great photos!! We had to get off 75 in Standish because of the bumper to bumper traffic on our way home. So back roads we traveled. When we got home I found that my baby robins had hatched, 3 of them and that a mom and dad duck set up camp in my swimming pool. Very cute the way they were enjoying themselves but Leif said no way and out they went. The next morning when he was going to his car for work he found the happy couple in our fountain pond in the front yard, just a swimming away. Out they went again. No "Make way for ducklings" for my yard, I guess.

  2. HOLY DOODLE WOMAN!!! That looks terrific! What a diff eh? You'll really notice a big change in the winter when you go, it will be much warmer. I'm so glad that your neighbour finally got around to cleaning up the junk yard, that was such an eyesore. She couldn't see it because it was hiding behind the garage out of her view but right in the middle of yours. I'm sure that took alot of work as well. Hopefully the big door will arrive soon and that will get sorted out. Oh well, renovations aren't renovations unless you have a glitch in the process. Can't wait to see it up close and personal! Soon I hope!
    Dad said you two had a nice long visit, he enjoyed having you all to himself! Tim got his special mail today and laughed his butt off!! I think it's going to end up on the front of the fridge for awhile. Thank you so much for contributing to the delinquency of a hubby!
    Love ya
    J xoxo

  3. I'll bet you were so thrilled when you pulled up and saw your beautiful cottage! Tell you right now I could be very happy there! Your pictures are wonderful - the flowers, the town, the wild life. Love your new plaid background, too! Carol

  4. What a great start to the summer season. I feel more relaxed just looking at your pictures!