Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Weekend

Saying that all Brits are Soccer crazy is like, well, saying all Canadians are Curling crazy (NOT, but if you had said Hockey I may have responded differently)….
Well in my house, the Brits (i.e. hubby) ARE soccer crazy..and have been waiting for literally months for the South Africa games to begin

So much so that BEFORE Christmas I was informed that a room at a local bar had been “booked” for a very important date – June 12th (HuH? Said I unknowingly)
So much so that I have been TOLD (yes TOLD) I will be there to cheer on the Red and White…
…not Canadian Red and White mind you but ENGLAND (my family are Brits so I can't really argue with that)

So much so that I must look less then stylish and WEAR one of hubbies many England shirts (could not get away with being country neutral) because it is the day that England and the USA meet. I'm happy to say all are too big for me (whew).

I doubt very much many (if any) of my hubbies friends who he has invited will be cheering his homeland (I’m sure we will be outnumbered). Fortunately, Midland is very much a soccer town so there are plenty of folks interested...

It will be fun, and really that is what it is all about – so give a big cheer for St. George’s Cross and the English lads (sorry, but I’m pretty sure they are going to win ;->)….I will raise my Pint (or probably Chardonnay) to them LOL Jewels (the things we do to keep our other half happy!)


  1. Ha ha! I'll be watching tomorrow and thinking of you too!!
    Thanks for visiting !! ;-)

  2. Sounds like fun, Julie!! Have someone take your and hubby's picture and post it - want to see you in one of those good looking shirts! Enjoy! Carol

  3. Oh have lots of fun!!!! It is fun to see people so excited about this huge event.