Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Good Bones

I’ve had this chair for some time now – it was a freebie from a neighbour at an old address - headed for the curb.
I thought it had “good bones” and was perfect for sitting outside with seasonal decorations – you will have seen it in other postings…
This year I thought I’d brighten up things a bit and decided to change colour – no, not this (the primer).

But this – a very Canadian red! And a lovely red and white vinyl tablecloth does duty for the seat.

Better yet (be still my beating heart) a lovely trashy plastic planter (oh no, I'm becoming like my parents!). I was really torn between my sweet deer and a BEE UTI FUL white swan! But see’ins as we are land locked and as an ode to the real deer who tend dine out in my garden, I brought him home instead (hmmm…maybe not such a good idea if he attracts his living cousins….).

I may still go and get that swan though…she would look real nice in the back, chortle. Cheers, Jewels.


  1. very nice revamp!!! The other day a neighbor brought over a magazine for me that had 3 old dining chairs sitting side by side with no seat covers and instead an old long window shutter making them into a very neat bench for the garden. Of course mine would hold bird house and a potted plant. lol

  2. That looks great! The red stripe and then the metal thing in the back... perfection!

  3. What a great spot of color to brighten up your landscape.