Thursday, August 30, 2012

July Mail Art (better late...)

Our theme in July was Silly Rhymes - I finally got my art in the mail last week (sigh) but stuck with my original plan....
Skinny Malinky Long Legs
Big Banana Feet
Went to the Movies
Couldn't find a seat
When he found a seat
He fell fast asleep
Skinny Malinky Long Legs
Big Banana Feet!
(for years I thought it was Balinky, LOL)

Now there is a "ruder" version you can Google - but I think I will stick with this one - besides - who can resist these two little girls..
I'll post Beth and Leslie's art soon. Enjoy. Jewels

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Another, another and, well, another...

Another Tag Tuesday - this week's theme is the Fair - so I am celebrating the largest Fair in Canada known as the Canadian National Exhibition (or The Ex). Check out my posting to find out more...
Another monthly ATC for Penny's challenge. Ahhhh - Saturday at the Farmer's Market in my hat, dress, gloves (white!) and heels - with my token male to carry the cukes home for pickling LOL...The image is from the 1950 August issue of Better Homes and Gardens (hence the date stamp)...
Another Prayer Flag (spoken for). These can be awfully addictive. I made this one from an old pillow case that had seen better days - 
but just the right background for my young maid don't you think? Enjoy. Jewels

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Continuing my cleaning and redecorating efforts...
Had my carpets cleaned last weekend which entailed emptying out the big rooms.
Including my Sun Room (as much sun as you can get living in a wood lot) at the back of the house. It gets used all year round though I have to use a space heater in the winter...(12 windows not including the 2 sliders - I know 'cause I just cleaned them all)
It actually has lots of potential - including changing the paint colour!!!
But (sadly) the exercise equipment HAS to stay in order for me to maintain my, ahem,  svelte figure (ha, ha). Open to any decorating suggestions you may have! Jewels

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Garden Sculptures

Earlier this year I read through Julie Cameron's The Artists Way. Now I want to say up front there is a lot of stuff in her book I found well, rather annoying. But there were some things that did stick with me. I started daily journal-ling (comes and goes in spurts now) which at the time was very helpful. I also liked the concept of a personal "art date" (though I will take it with friends if they are around).
I decided to treat myself to an art date this past Friday. I live in a town that is the home base for a major corporation. As a result, we have a lot of things a town our size typically would not.  
We are very fortunate to have a city Garden which really is an oasis from the surrounding street noises. 
There has been a display of Michigan artists sculptures in the garden over the summer and I decided to go take a look.
Not all were inspiring but some really were standouts (I thought).
The garden also has some long time features that anyone local would recognize.
I thought this garden patch with bird houses representing different local public schools was neat.
There were some unusual plants but overall the flowers were showing signs of the long hot summer we have had. I read that apple crops are early this year (what there is) so don't be waiting for autumn to start getting - seems very odd. 
There are "red" bridges through out the garden.
And permanent sculptures which are quite impressive.
Anyway, I spent a good two hours wandering around - good for the soul :). Enjoy. Jewels

Friday, August 17, 2012

Prayer Flag Swap

I'm taking a little "me time" this afternoon and catching up on artsy things. I joined Lenna's Prayer Flag Swap which is due in September. The good news is I am on pace to get mine out the door shortly.
These were fun and different for me. It was a perfect day to take them outdoors so I could photograph them. 
You need to make 3 and send to Lenna - I will get 3 back from different people in return.
I had some ground rules for myself - the first being "use what you got". Fortunately that was not much of a stretch.
Second was to do something different - I had not printed on Vellum before but wanted my words to be on transparent background - wahoo.
Third - bright colors - I think I achieved that as well!
The dimensions are 5 x 8 though mine have that extra bit of trim at the bottom that make them longer. I used fabric as well as old linen place mat, stamped on muslin and inked for background color...
and of course buttons.
I am also making an additional 2 for my Mail Art buddies (Beth and Leslie) but will wait to show them later (they are different to these three). Enjoy! Jewels

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend Project

Wow did not realize it had been a couple of weeks since I posted. It has been incredibly busy here at Maple Hill. I did manage a couple of projects this weekend - my Prayer Flags are coming along for Lenna's swap but I'll save showing those till later.
I have been redecorating around the house. The Master Bedroom (which we had not changed since 2000 and had very dark decorating)  got a good cleaning and a few additions starting with this bookshelf that I thrifted. Took 2 hours on Saturday to clean. I thought it was in pretty decent shape until I started using some TSP on it (heavy duty cleaner that I swear by). I had to be careful but man there was a lot of "yellow" gook (hopefully not patina, LOL, or nicotine, just dirt) to remove. There are spindles on the side that took some extra work.
But it came out wonderful so I loaded it up with old books and photos. I like the one of me mainly because of the frame - how retro is that! (ugh, won't tell you how long ago that was)
I have English tins all over the place - the little toffee tin was a special find as I remember getting those when I was young - so sorry I never kept any of them...
I also thrifted (separately) a couple of chairs that just so happen match the book can tell I live in a woodlot - this room faces the North so not much sunlight. However, it has been a blessing this summer with the heat!
The chairs look nice with some of my vintage embroidery and quilts...
I'm liking it - still have some additional things to work on but I'm pretty happy (on to the next room - its never ending :>). Hope your having a productive (or lazy!) weekend. Enjoy. Jewels