Thursday, August 30, 2012

July Mail Art (better late...)

Our theme in July was Silly Rhymes - I finally got my art in the mail last week (sigh) but stuck with my original plan....
Skinny Malinky Long Legs
Big Banana Feet
Went to the Movies
Couldn't find a seat
When he found a seat
He fell fast asleep
Skinny Malinky Long Legs
Big Banana Feet!
(for years I thought it was Balinky, LOL)

Now there is a "ruder" version you can Google - but I think I will stick with this one - besides - who can resist these two little girls..
I'll post Beth and Leslie's art soon. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Oh I love, love, love that poem and the verse the girls do on the video. I will share it with Elle. She starts her student teaching on Tuesday in a First Grade classroom. This will be just perfect for her to use with them. Thanks! Are you going to the cottage for the weekend?

  2. Where have I been? That is the first time I have ever heard that cute little jingle. There were lots of them I remember as a kid but I missed that one. Maybe it wasn't popular in Illinois!! Hope your weekend is good, Julie!!

  3. LOVE the Mail art with its big banana feet! I have never heard of that rhyme either. Fun youtube clip - especially the little girl trying to keep the moustache on her upper lip!


    1. Wow well this rhyme came from Scotland - my parents both told it to us when we were growing up. Jo I thought everyone in GB knew it LOL....glad I was able to add to everyone's silly rhyme repetoire....