Friday, November 23, 2012

Christmas Give Away UPDATE

UPDATE: And the winner is (drum roll) SUSAN! Thanks everyone for leaving comments....

I've been sorting through stuff and realize I have lots and lots of tags! Thought I would part with one just in time for Christmas....this tag was created using fabric, paper and plenty of embellishments (including lace from an old wedding dress I thrifted!) for an exchange with my pal Carol (who just became a great grandma a second time - go say hello and congratulate her!)

If you would like this lovely tag (3 x 6 and a bit) just leave a comment. We will do the draw on December 1st....Off to Canada for a couple of days to be with family...Enjoy. Jewels

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tag Tuesday - He Wrote Me A Letter

Been a couple of weeks since I could participate in the weekly challenge over at Tag Tuesday - but I could not miss the Sepia theme!
Found this wonderful image at Vintage Ladies and Mike who owns this wonderful collection allowed me to use. I did some changes using PicMonkey (love that application). Added lots of embellishments. Go on over and see the rest of the art! Enjoy. Jewels

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Monthly ATC ...Times Three

Well I really have fallen behind creating my monthly ATC’s. So I had a chance this weekend to catch up.
 First up is September. Though it is really not a garden theme, I like the idea of going back to school. The background for this ATC is an advert for wallpaper. The children are from an old school textbook and I thought adding the stamp in the corner was a good embellishment.
 For October, I found an old garden catalog with an advertisement that matched the text for the month. The background is actually from an old phone book.
 Finally, I am now caught up with November. The background to the right is one of those transfers that I have done before from old Vogart patterns. While I’m not fully functional yet, it is nice to be able to do some artsy things. Including scanning LOL. Enjoy. Jewels

Friday, November 2, 2012


I've been, not surprisingly, pretty quiet of late. I have to say, two weeks out from my surgery, that has been not too bad. My stitches were out yesterday (good news) but now for the hard part - Physical Therapy. I still have to wear my special "splint" that looks like some thing from a cyborg movie for another 4 weeks, but I am certainly not as restricted as the first time I had this surgery...which means this weekend I can try some artsy things (yeah). BUT.... has not been on my side. Still using my IPhone to take pics until I can get my battery charger laptop has been a nightmare though I have it back now and trying to get it back to normal. My latest challenge - my damn printer! I can't find the disks for it to reload the program so I can print ARGHHH I have been frustrated. My only consolation is that I have a backup copy of the program but I cannot for the life of me figure out where the startup file is (no .exe to be found anywhere). Which means no scanning, no trying new printing or image transfer techniques. Seriously I am one sad puppy at the moment.
I know I will eventually get it all corrected - but what a pain in the patootie!!!
Thanks for reading my rant. :(  Jewels