Sunday, November 11, 2012

Monthly ATC ...Times Three

Well I really have fallen behind creating my monthly ATC’s. So I had a chance this weekend to catch up.
 First up is September. Though it is really not a garden theme, I like the idea of going back to school. The background for this ATC is an advert for wallpaper. The children are from an old school textbook and I thought adding the stamp in the corner was a good embellishment.
 For October, I found an old garden catalog with an advertisement that matched the text for the month. The background is actually from an old phone book.
 Finally, I am now caught up with November. The background to the right is one of those transfers that I have done before from old Vogart patterns. While I’m not fully functional yet, it is nice to be able to do some artsy things. Including scanning LOL. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Hi Jewels, your art has a definite flavor that is just you. I feel I could pick your work from a line up by its vintage look and style of layout. Not that you're predictable, just that you actually *have* a style, unlike myself lol. These are all fun but I think I like the apples best. Glad to see you can do some art!

  2. I am glad that you are feeling better. See you Tuesday, I hope.

  3. Great to see you doing some artsy things - and these ATC's are, as always, lovely. I particularly like the image of the children.

    I have fallen behind with my monthly ATC's too, I must catch up!