Thursday, April 21, 2011

What To Take, What To Take

Hubby and I are once again heading over the border to our favorite place - our Cottage!
But going there is always a challenge when it comes to something for me to do - especially since it looks like we may have a lot of rain while we are there...and I am not very good a sitting around doing "nothing" - my brain just won't shut off.

Do I bring new gluebooks to get started? And supplies for Mail Art (oops, I just spilled the beans with folks I am exchanging with).

How about that old quilt I rescued and am taking apart?

There is always the "little book swap" I am working on...

Crafty books are always a good thing.
A little quilt that I am "reworking" the embrodiery on..

Oh what the heck, I'll pack as much as hubby will allow (LOL). We are taking The Tank and putting her through her paces so should be fun. Hope you all have a wonderful week while I am away in Canada. I'll be checking in from the Village Lilbrary when I can. Cheers, Jewels

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



Including Baby Poop interior
Did you know there was such a thing as "car warming" presents? I didn't but I got a lovely one from hubby the same day!
Did I mention...
Mine - lovingly known as "the Tank". Watch out all you Michigan drivers.... Jewels

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lousy Weather BUT...

...very pretty Quilt Show. All of my Guild friends could not believe the SNOW we were getting earlier Sunday.
But the good news is it did not seem to deter the crowds (thank you) that came out to our show over the weekend.
Our best turn out ever - just keeps growing and growing every year.
I'm rubbish at these kinds of photos with my little camera - but hope you can get the gist of some of the lovely works on display.
Our Challenge Quilt theme was "Wish You Were Here" - members had to pick a country and create a 22 x 24 "travel poster". We all agree we have a very talented bunch - and folks were literally coming from all over the state to our little show.
Heh those look familiar!This will have been our 8th show and I think we are getting a reputation - we certainly seem to have many repeat visitors.
So congratulations everyone - and see you next year! Jewels

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Canadian Content AND...

Hubby and I got a good dose of Canadian Content this weekend.
Starting with Stuart Mclean and the Vinyl Cafe at the Temple Theatre in Saginaw Friday night. I describe Mclean as the Canadian version of Garrison Keillor (but funnier - my opinion). All his stories are about Dave, his wife Morley and their two children. It was really a great night with friends - who received the lovely baby quilt described in my last post.
Then Saturday night - off to one of the local highschools to see the Banff Mountain Film Festival. We have gone three times now as it has become a local annual event. If you ever want to see EXTREME adventure sports you need to go. They take winning entries from the film festival around the world on tour. Some of the clips are just crazy wild (what some people are willing to do!) - everything from caving (not for me - too claustraphobic), wildwater kayaking, cycling, mountain climbing "free style" (you have to see it to believe it) and extreme skiing. Everyone in the audience is just glued to the screen and there are a lot of audible ooh aahs and gasps...I highly recommend it.

So what is the "AND" in my title? Drum roll please...Well, in a few days time I will be the proud owner of...

... a brand new car! Yipee! For anyone who knows my current rust bucket you know this is LONG overdue. Hubby took me test driving and I quickly settled on the Honda Pilot. The joke was, I decided on the car in a matter of a few minutes - but took forever on the colour combination (a woman thing apparently). Carol you will get to drive in style to Guild Meetings now (LOL)... All round a great weekend! Jewels

Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Casual Quilter

I have lists…It’s a curse really – but I come by it honestly. My Dad is big on lists too.
I have grocery lists, home to do lists, works lists (multiple there) and, of course, “art/craft” lists like this..(it's pretty sad when you have multiple copies of the SAME list - yikes!)
Now art should be spur of the moment, correct? I have my list but often I go off on little unplanned projects (which is okay by me). Not too long ago I was big on quilting. You can see some of my work in previous posts. Lately though I find I have moved on to other things. I don't do the big quilts like I used to. The good news, a lot of my quilting skills still apply. Which brings me to my current quilting project (which IS on the list) – a gift for friends who recently had a second darling daughter. I’ve made a lot of baby quilts over the years so you would think I would have it down pat… Even though I know all the steps I can still get caught out making mistakes. Like fussy cutting (dang you Owls, it took me a while to get you in the right direction and I STILL managed to mess up). I always figure its not being entered into a competition and the kid is probably going to “do” something on it anyway (that’s reality) ... so it does not have to be absolutely perfect. Still it’s cute – but I don’t know when the next one will get done (they are on my list, yes Sis including one for you). I guess I better get to them soon and not be so "casual" (LOL)…Jewels

Monday, April 4, 2011

For People With Too Much Time!

Okay, I'm all for royal weddings. Unavoidable considering my British background and being born in part of the Commonwealth. The other day I found an old scrapbook I had made (I actually started collaging long ago!) with pictures from Queen Elizabeth, Princess Anne and Princess Di weddings. I remember getting up at ungodly hours to watch the second two on telly (heh, I'm not THAT old). Of course these kinds of events generate all kinds of knic knacs - dishes, dish towels, ash trays, key chains, name it...

But this must be a first - I saw it in our local Barnes and Noble over the weekend and laughed out loud - even brought hubby over to see it.

My gosh, what will they think of next -

Though I have to say the little Corgi is kinda cute (are they invited, LOL).

And the Archbishop even has his beard!
Shake your head and enjoy (if you have nothing to do, you can always order from Amazon). Jewels.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just Loverly...

Remember the little expedition hubby and I did earlier this year to buy book shelves? Well, they’ve arrived!!! Aren’t they beautiful, sublime…

Magnificent (who needs a Kindle anyways - this kind of storage is much more elegant!) Perfect, perfectly HUGE

Dare I say – virginal (i.e. yet to be touched by a book spine, tee hee) Even Miss Gwendoline approves… (I think she's laughing at her crazy Mum)
Sorry, only a Librarian could get so overwhelmed by new bookshelves (sniff) ♥♥♥♥….Jewels

Update: Well I should have provided details. Custom made from Oak by a local Amish carpenter. Hardware is mission "style". Center piece is 72" W x 36" H. Inside each cupboard is shelving. Each bookshelf is 36" W x 72" H. Very reasonably priced (less then $1, 745 US)...