Thursday, April 21, 2011

What To Take, What To Take

Hubby and I are once again heading over the border to our favorite place - our Cottage!
But going there is always a challenge when it comes to something for me to do - especially since it looks like we may have a lot of rain while we are there...and I am not very good a sitting around doing "nothing" - my brain just won't shut off.

Do I bring new gluebooks to get started? And supplies for Mail Art (oops, I just spilled the beans with folks I am exchanging with).

How about that old quilt I rescued and am taking apart?

There is always the "little book swap" I am working on...

Crafty books are always a good thing.
A little quilt that I am "reworking" the embrodiery on..

Oh what the heck, I'll pack as much as hubby will allow (LOL). We are taking The Tank and putting her through her paces so should be fun. Hope you all have a wonderful week while I am away in Canada. I'll be checking in from the Village Lilbrary when I can. Cheers, Jewels


  1. Have fun, relax, enjoy your time together and I am hoping for not too much rain for you both.

  2. I would take that Scotty Dog quilt with me everywhere I went.

  3. The Lady of the Blue Motor . . .I remember that book from one of Mary's classes, right? I just adore that cover! Hmm, I would pick a couple of things that you NEED to or wanT to work on - and don't over load yourself too much, but have a couple projects to keep busy with. Have a grand time!!!

  4. Love the book cover - 'The Story of Petroleum'! Yes, definitely take as much as you can get in The Tank. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to.


  5. What a fun bunch of projects you have, Julie! Take as many as you can--they will be there if you want to work on them and no problem if you don't. Enjoy your getaway!! Carol

  6. Thanks for stopping by Jewels. Hope you are having fun and being creative too!! I'm like you I always have to take something with me to do!! Take care, XO Love, Fran.