Thursday, April 7, 2011

A Casual Quilter

I have lists…It’s a curse really – but I come by it honestly. My Dad is big on lists too.
I have grocery lists, home to do lists, works lists (multiple there) and, of course, “art/craft” lists like this..(it's pretty sad when you have multiple copies of the SAME list - yikes!)
Now art should be spur of the moment, correct? I have my list but often I go off on little unplanned projects (which is okay by me). Not too long ago I was big on quilting. You can see some of my work in previous posts. Lately though I find I have moved on to other things. I don't do the big quilts like I used to. The good news, a lot of my quilting skills still apply. Which brings me to my current quilting project (which IS on the list) – a gift for friends who recently had a second darling daughter. I’ve made a lot of baby quilts over the years so you would think I would have it down pat… Even though I know all the steps I can still get caught out making mistakes. Like fussy cutting (dang you Owls, it took me a while to get you in the right direction and I STILL managed to mess up). I always figure its not being entered into a competition and the kid is probably going to “do” something on it anyway (that’s reality) ... so it does not have to be absolutely perfect. Still it’s cute – but I don’t know when the next one will get done (they are on my list, yes Sis including one for you). I guess I better get to them soon and not be so "casual" (LOL)…Jewels


  1. That is adorable, Julie!! Lucky little baby to be cuddled in that darling quilt. Great job. Carol

  2. You are SO CLEVER, Julie! That quilt is just gorgeous and the sweet little baby will love its bright happy colours.

    Well done, list lady!


  3. It's lovely!

  4. Julie, that is just a wonderful baby quilt, I am sure it will be enjoyed. I loved seeing it in progress. See you Tuesday!

  5. Hey Sistah.
    I happened to notice a certain Fireman's name on that quilt list of yours! lol. By the time you get that done "Keds" will be back in style.........again......
    xoxoxo Nice vehicle!!!