Monday, April 4, 2011

For People With Too Much Time!

Okay, I'm all for royal weddings. Unavoidable considering my British background and being born in part of the Commonwealth. The other day I found an old scrapbook I had made (I actually started collaging long ago!) with pictures from Queen Elizabeth, Princess Anne and Princess Di weddings. I remember getting up at ungodly hours to watch the second two on telly (heh, I'm not THAT old). Of course these kinds of events generate all kinds of knic knacs - dishes, dish towels, ash trays, key chains, name it...

But this must be a first - I saw it in our local Barnes and Noble over the weekend and laughed out loud - even brought hubby over to see it.

My gosh, what will they think of next -

Though I have to say the little Corgi is kinda cute (are they invited, LOL).

And the Archbishop even has his beard!
Shake your head and enjoy (if you have nothing to do, you can always order from Amazon). Jewels.


  1. How bizarre, huh!! However, wouldn't kids love to play with them. Little ones always dream of kings, queens and princesses. You would have to find a very dedicated knitter to make those.