Sunday, April 3, 2011

Just Loverly...

Remember the little expedition hubby and I did earlier this year to buy book shelves? Well, they’ve arrived!!! Aren’t they beautiful, sublime…

Magnificent (who needs a Kindle anyways - this kind of storage is much more elegant!) Perfect, perfectly HUGE

Dare I say – virginal (i.e. yet to be touched by a book spine, tee hee) Even Miss Gwendoline approves… (I think she's laughing at her crazy Mum)
Sorry, only a Librarian could get so overwhelmed by new bookshelves (sniff) ♥♥♥♥….Jewels

Update: Well I should have provided details. Custom made from Oak by a local Amish carpenter. Hardware is mission "style". Center piece is 72" W x 36" H. Inside each cupboard is shelving. Each bookshelf is 36" W x 72" H. Very reasonably priced (less then $1, 745 US)...


  1. Beautiful, Jewels! What wood are they made of?

  2. Thanks for the update, Jewels - they are gorgeous, how wonderful they were handmade for you.

    Miss G really does look like she's laughing!


  3. They are very beautiful . . . why is that Miss Gwendoline laughing??!! ; ^ } Only a librarian . . . you are funny!

  4. Oh they are lovely!!! You are a lucky girl, enjoy!!!

  5. What fun it will be to fill those gorgeous shelves up with books and fun things. Is the big space in the middle for a nice, big flat tv? Beautiful!