Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lousy Weather BUT...

...very pretty Quilt Show. All of my Guild friends could not believe the SNOW we were getting earlier Sunday.
But the good news is it did not seem to deter the crowds (thank you) that came out to our show over the weekend.
Our best turn out ever - just keeps growing and growing every year.
I'm rubbish at these kinds of photos with my little camera - but hope you can get the gist of some of the lovely works on display.
Our Challenge Quilt theme was "Wish You Were Here" - members had to pick a country and create a 22 x 24 "travel poster". We all agree we have a very talented bunch - and folks were literally coming from all over the state to our little show.
Heh those look familiar!This will have been our 8th show and I think we are getting a reputation - we certainly seem to have many repeat visitors.
So congratulations everyone - and see you next year! Jewels


  1. So glad people came to the show!! Makes all the hard work worth it!! Can you believe the snow!! I am so sick of it!! Praying Spring comes back! But it is Michigan!! XO Fran.

  2. Beautiful quilts - they're such stunning works of art. Good to see your tags there too.


  3. Those look beautiful, Jewels. Especially those vintage tags that seem rather familiar??? : ))))