Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Break in Canada

Taking a break starting next week so won't be posting much. I will drop in to visit all my peeps (wireless permitting). For those who celebrate, have a wonderful Easter. Later. Jewels

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Tag Tuesday - Egg licious....

I had time this weekend to do a Tag this week - theme is Easter Eggs....
Isn't this vintage wrapping paper the best!
I love the images and the colours...
So I found a section with, well, a big egg (LOL) to make my tag. Added some vintage lace and embellishments. Visit the Tag Tuesday blog to see all the fun creations! Enjoy. Jewels.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a Pain...

This has not been the best week - I spent 3 days at home with back spasms - man those hurt - though I still managed to do "work-work" (ah the curse of modern Technology, its hard to be off the grid even when you are out of sorts). Finally got some relief yesterday and today is definetly better. Hubby and I went to an "Indie" movie called The Trip at the local Art Center this afternoon. A funny British movie which we think we were the only ones who got most of the jokes. My husband grew up close to where many of the scenes were shot. It's not a movie that would ever get widely released in the States - so we were happy to get a chance to see it.
Last night to keep my mind off of having to stretch every few minutes I pulled together a quick ATC. She comes from an old British magazine (got me in the mood for the movie today I think) - an advert for a summer dress pattern. The background is old wrapping paper with watering cans (after all it feels like Spring here). I also finished up Mail Art for Fiddlesnips Jo (sorry you will have to wait for the reveal until it gets over the pond) and layed out my tag for this week's challenge over at Tag Tuesday. After all this I just collapsed into some twitching muscles, LOL. But I least I felt like I had accomplished something. This week should be better (only 5 more days then its off for Spring Break at the cottage, wahoo!). Enjoy Jewels

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Monthly ATC Invite - March Garden Calendar

Every warm blooded Canadian girl of a certain age knows who Gordon Lightfoot is. Oh my back in the 70's he was a slurpie of the highest order (i.e. you had to slurp because of all of the drool). I had many of his albums which I played constantly - but you did have to be a fan of folk music.  You may have heard one or two of his songs ...including the one which inspired this month's ATC....
My image for March included pussywillows which immediately made me think of the song Pussywillows oldie but a goodie that celebrates Spring.
The background is old wrapping paper. I had a "stickie" pussywillow that fit just right. The album cover image was found on the Internet. Pop over to Penny's site and check the comments to see who else is participating in our swap ...Enjoy Jewels

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Drawing Chronicles

You can still find them, but I always remember  back in the day seeing these advertisements for learning how to draw. Pretty much any thing you can think of. Seemed such a simple path to fame and fortune...
Well I had the first of 5 drawing classes this week with a local artist. She's actually very good.
My second exercise (I won't discuss the first LOL) was to draw this horse upside down (yep, I did not mess up posting my pic). I had the graphic beside me that I was copying into the same size space - to teach me dimensions because, of course...
When you turn him right side up you see how far off you are! Egads, something up with his DNA for sure.

I always thought I could be as good as this...
...but after my first attempt (something about don't look at the page while you draw your hand in front of you) I think I'll keep my day job.

Supposedly, if nothing else,  I'll be really good at sharpening and holding my pencil properly at the end of all this (ha, ha). A lot of theory to get through. Enjoy. Jewels

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Celebrate Spring

I signed up for Kimberly's latest ATC swap - make 6 with a Spring theme and get 6 in return. Easy peasy right - well does anyone realize how FAST 3 weeks can fly
I thought I would be incredibly smart and start with a large collage of fabric scraps that I could cut into my 6 blocks. I used Steam A Seam (lite) on Pellon.Then sewed the dickens out of it with different stitches on my machine.
I've learned over the years to always cut my ATCs a little larger in case I want to get fancy with the edges to get them down to 2 1/2 by 3 1/2....
And here they are finished. The paper flower images are out of an old children's science book which I sewed on.
Ric Rac and Trim for a little punch
And SPRING stamped on fabric with a little bling! So packing them up and getting them out the door! Enjoy. Jewels

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring and being a Lazy Boots...

I treated myself to some flowers on the weekend to brighten up my kitchen. These lovely daffodils had not opened when I bought them.
Arn't they lovely? We have had remarkably warm temperatures for the last few days (in the 70's) and no sign of letting up soon. And notice that fella beside them on my window ledge.
My spring bunny - which gets me to being a Lazy Boots. This Tuesday's Tag was to include a "hare or rabbit". Well I did the ulitmate recycle.
And posted an ATC from a few years back. Still it met the theme - hoping they won't kick me out LOL. If your interested go on over and see everyones entries for this week. Enjoy. Jewels

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Song Sparrow

I've missed a few Tag Tuesdays so catching up this week. The first week of March's theme is birds.
I used whatever I could find around the house.
Fabric scraps, songbook, old bird book. Wanted to have colour too as I'm tired of drabby old winter...
You can see more details, as well as other lovely tags at the Tag Tuesday site. Enjoy!