Sunday, March 25, 2012

What a Pain...

This has not been the best week - I spent 3 days at home with back spasms - man those hurt - though I still managed to do "work-work" (ah the curse of modern Technology, its hard to be off the grid even when you are out of sorts). Finally got some relief yesterday and today is definetly better. Hubby and I went to an "Indie" movie called The Trip at the local Art Center this afternoon. A funny British movie which we think we were the only ones who got most of the jokes. My husband grew up close to where many of the scenes were shot. It's not a movie that would ever get widely released in the States - so we were happy to get a chance to see it.
Last night to keep my mind off of having to stretch every few minutes I pulled together a quick ATC. She comes from an old British magazine (got me in the mood for the movie today I think) - an advert for a summer dress pattern. The background is old wrapping paper with watering cans (after all it feels like Spring here). I also finished up Mail Art for Fiddlesnips Jo (sorry you will have to wait for the reveal until it gets over the pond) and layed out my tag for this week's challenge over at Tag Tuesday. After all this I just collapsed into some twitching muscles, LOL. But I least I felt like I had accomplished something. This week should be better (only 5 more days then its off for Spring Break at the cottage, wahoo!). Enjoy Jewels


  1. praying for your recovery...lovely atc indeed! :)

  2. Jules are you going to be at the cottage for Easter? That is our plan - perhaps we could hook up? K

  3. will be there till Saturday then I will be in Sarnia for Easter with Mum and Dad.....