Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Drawing Chronicles

You can still find them, but I always remember  back in the day seeing these advertisements for learning how to draw. Pretty much any thing you can think of. Seemed such a simple path to fame and fortune...
Well I had the first of 5 drawing classes this week with a local artist. She's actually very good.
My second exercise (I won't discuss the first LOL) was to draw this horse upside down (yep, I did not mess up posting my pic). I had the graphic beside me that I was copying into the same size space - to teach me dimensions because, of course...
When you turn him right side up you see how far off you are! Egads, something up with his DNA for sure.

I always thought I could be as good as this...
...but after my first attempt (something about don't look at the page while you draw your hand in front of you) I think I'll keep my day job.

Supposedly, if nothing else,  I'll be really good at sharpening and holding my pencil properly at the end of all this (ha, ha). A lot of theory to get through. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. jewels, I think your horse is awesome, totally awesome!!! I may be creative . . . but drawing is not one of my strong points! And I do remember those ads ; )

  2. J. The ads were part of my craving to be an artist. No wonder I love mailart. Free and in the mail! I think your horse is great and I love your last hand. I am not good at drawing. I always say, if you want it to be real, take a picture. Otherwise it is expressive. And yours are expressive. b

  3. I think that they look great. Keep your hands in the correct position, remember learning to type. lol