Tuesday, October 23, 2012

It's All About Balance

A while back Leslie posted some glue book pages she created - she said she would like to do a swap with some of them.
This is the one she sent me. Just lovely. I of course dragged my butt getting mine done - finally sent out a week before surgery.
I LOVE this image - I scanned because I am sure I will use again. The background includes an old map, dictionary page, vintage stamp, the cover from an old British travel brochure, and some pretty tape. Some ink for shading and some paint. It's all about balance! Another "I hate to let you go" but I know went to a good home! Enjoy Jewels

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Back Online!

My computer finally came back! Unfortunately I've had to redo all the settings (argh). Only a few things lost but taking forever to do with one hand. I did these 2 ATCs before my surgery (will be awhile before I can do this kind of fussy cutting again!).
I came into a HUGE  stash of old stamps recently from all over the world - some really cool ones like this. I call it Stamp Gothic - from somewhere in Europe. The background is from a roll of old Wallpaper that I thrifted (that rarely happens and for 60 cents for the whole roll I could not pass it up!)
I love the "mysterious" story that goes with this one - Lie to her Supposed Poverty. The couple are from an old advertisement. The door is a small gift card. Seriously I just happened to drop them both on top of the book page and thought, wow! Do you think he ever will, lol? Enjoy. Jewels

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Prayer Flags and MIA

I may have mentioned that I had two more Prayer Flag swaps in motion. I am happy to say everything has been exchanged and I can share with you what was given/received (the pics are from my IPhone - still without my digital camera) ...

Tina asked to do a swap when commenting on one of my posts. This is what I created for her. One of my favorite images from an old birthday card printed on fabric.
And in return I recieved this wonderful, colourful flag. I love the fabric, ribbon and flower - how sweet!
I responded to Jan when she said she would like to do a swap. SURE! So off this went over the ocean to her - the background is an old pillow case..
And yesterday the following arrived - how lovely! Some really pretty embellishments and different fabrics make up this wonderful flag.
Thanks so much Tina and Jan for adding to my ever growing collection! I am now up to seven hanging in my "studio"!
On a different note...
I know I am not the first, or the last, to have their machine checked into the "computer hospital" (in my case Best Buy)....but boy does it suddenly prevent you from doing things! I started having issues with turning it on (error messages about loading Microsoft) and then Norton just packed in (ugh, I hate the idea of being "exposed"). Fortunately (?) my machine is still under warranty as I just bought it last January. I've resorted to using my work laptop (but not while logged in a work) to do some things as well as my IPhone. I have a back up of pictures to load that I wanted to post before my hand surgery later this week but really can't do - well I can but with a LOT of finaggling...hoping my baby comes home soon :<

So things will be sporadic for awhile - I had this surgery back in 2010 but have been promised this time around it won't be as limiting for as long (but still expect a string of bad hair days and kitchen challenges LOL).
Please continue to stop by or leave me a message on Facebook - unlike my poor 'puter I don't expect to be offline for very long....Jewels

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vintage Circus Mail Art

I can finally "reveal" my mail art exchange with Fiddlesnips Jo! This was the wonderful postcard she sent me:
I told her I kept hearing the song Daring Young Man on the Flying Trapeze (don't ask me why) which led me to Google the song and find out all about Jules Leotard (one guess the invention he was responsible for). 
Anyway, there was a great photo of him AND I also found the sheet music for the song that was stuck in my head. Used different papers, gesso, inking and images - I love how it turned out. Enjoy. Jewels. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tag Tuesday - Rainy Day

This week's theme has to do with Rain - and it sure is that time of year - cold rain brrrrr just waiting to turn to snow (it was 29F here Monday morning). 
I found a Robert Louis Stevenson poem with wonderful graphics that seemed to fit the bill. Find out more over at Tag Tuesday and see the rest of the great art work from the Tag team! Enjoy. Jewels. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Autumn at Maple Hill

There are advantages to living on a 2 acre woodlot...
..that has all kinds of trees...
...that change to glorious colours this time of year...
...even the compost looks good (LOL)
So this weeks Tag was a perfect celebration of life here at Maple Hill...and who DOES paint the leaves :)....Enjoy Jewels