Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Autumn at Maple Hill

There are advantages to living on a 2 acre woodlot...
..that has all kinds of trees...
...that change to glorious colours this time of year...
...even the compost looks good (LOL)
So this weeks Tag was a perfect celebration of life here at Maple Hill...and who DOES paint the leaves :)....Enjoy Jewels


  1. Morning Jewels, oh how pretty, love seeing the Fall scenery, beautiful. Blessings Francine.

  2. I am with Carol on her love for Fall. It is so very pretty here in Michigan. The leaves are just so very brightly colored in Gaylord. We were up north last weekend and I could barely get enough of the views.

  3. Wow, Julie! You have such a beautiful place to call home. I am thinking this is one of the prettiest years for fall color that we have had in a long time. Even where I live the trees are gorgeous. I took some spent plants down to the woods yesterday and coming back up the street looked up to see the big tree in my front yard - on fire! Love love love autumn! Carol

  4. always love your retro compositions jewels! blest be ;D

  5. You are surrounded by such beauty, Jewels! I'm not surprised that you were so inspired by the changing colours of the leaves and created your brilliant tag. Another great image you chose too!