Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lovely Prayer Flags

Just a little lead up to my pics....I thought I would get out yesterday when the sun was just brilliant to take some snaps when I realized my camera battery was DEAD. Oh well, I said, just go juice up. Come to find my charger was missing - and guess where it is. The cottage (an 8 hour drive from here)! AND guess where my back up charger is. The cottage - arghhhhhhhh. So I thought I was not going to be able to get my pics for awhile...
Until I remembered this morning about my new fancy, schmancy IPhone... and voila (though not as sunny a day). A little fiddling sending to my home email, but I actually think it is a better pic then my digital camera (hmmmm).
I digress though - I have FIVE flags to show as a result of Lenna's swap (Leslie and Beth, my Mail Art peeps agreed this would be our September swap). I love every single one of them.
First up - Sue's creation. I know she struggled a bit at the beginning (I would not have guessed it) but ended up doing a lovely flag using an old hanky and wonderful piece of linen - Thank You Sue. 
Then there is Barbara's - I am anxious to try out the rust technique she used - lovin the effect on the fabric. Thank You Barbara.
Marilou created this wonderful Nature flag - the embellishment at the top is very cool and I love the images she used. Thank You Marilou.
Then there is Leslie's - read about how she did the background fabric - it has a silky green colour that the picture does not justice. Thank You L!
Finally, a really sweet flag from Beth - the red just POPs and I love the old linen and buttons - Thank You B!
These are the flags I made to exchange with Beth and Leslie - unfortunately my digital camera makes it look too blue and gold (wish I had used my IPhone then). I used a piece of cutter quilt for the background, then stamping, sewing, embellishments....
I am also getting two more flags shortly (one on one swaps) as a result of Lenna's Prayer Flag swap. All will be coming indoors to hang in my "art-tist studio". It has been soooo much fun and every flag exchanged was its own unique piece of art. Thank You Lenna - I enjoyed every minute!  Cheers. Jewels


  1. What a lovely post, thanks so much jewels. And you know, those i-phone photos look great! I really appreciate you taking time to gather them all up and snap a photo for us, then link it up. You did a great job here xoxo

  2. Oh your Prayer Flags look so lovely all together. Each one of them are little gems in their own right, and together look stunning.

    Your iPhone takes great photos!

    ps your wonderful Mail Art/postcard arrived while I was away, I haven't had a chance to open it yet (I want to photograph it all first), but I hope to be able to tomorrow (after work). xx

  3. BEAUtiful prayer flags you've received Jewels and the ones you're sending out are VEry pretty! I love the lace and the flowers and the wee bird is so cute :0) I'm going to have a go at making one x

  4. Oh,don't they look fantastic all together...looking forward to our little swap :) x

  5. They look great, Jewels! You got a lot of pretty flags! I love that cute bench too!

  6. What a nice collection of flags you've received. I think this was a wonderful exchange and perhaps we'll have an opportunity to swap somewhere down the line. Like Susan, I too, think that bench/chair is darn cute!

  7. Oh my! Your prayer flags are all gorgeous, with such lovely sentiments! They look lovely, and it is great that your iphone did such a fine job imaging them.
    You have a beautiful blog and I will be back for a visit again soon : )