Monday, November 22, 2010

+Hanging On+

It was an unusually warm day (pushing 60 degrees) here at Maple Hill today. Hard to believe we are past the middle of November and well into the Christmas count down.
I'm rather pleased with a geranium I decided to bring in before the frost hit.
It really is hanging on and promises to have more blooms - a really lovely splash of red in my (ahem) art studio. But alas the forecast is for a significant drop in temperature before the week is out....

...and probably some of this!

To all my American friends - have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! Cheers, Jewels

Saturday, November 20, 2010

+Art Found?

A while back I picked up two old framed prints at a local consignment store – I actually looked at them, left, and came back again.
I paid a whopping $12 for the pair. There was just something I liked about them.

I have this one hanging in my art room (maybe I’ll start calling it my “studio” to give me more legitimacy as an AR_TIST, LOL). With all the vintage collage I’ve been doing I wondered if I could find them online in a format I could use. The artist name, Gerda Wegener, was easy to find and sure enough – there they were, with dozens more of her work.
It felt like I hit the jackpot finding all these lovely new images. Actually, if you Google Costume Parisiens you will find all sorts of wonderful pictures.
Ms. Wegener is also an interesting character. A little bit of background from Wikipedia:
Gerda Gottlieb Wegener Porta (15 March 1886 - 28 July 1940) was a Danish illustrator and painter.
Originally from the provinces and the daughter of a clergyman, she moved to
Copenhagen to pursue her education at the Royal Art Academy, and married fellow artist Einar Wegener (1882–1931) in 1904. After moving to Paris in 1912, she found much success both as a painter and illustrating for Vogue, La Vie Parisienne, Fantasio, and many other magazines. As she found fame in Paris, Gerda also developed a following in her home country. She held exhibitions at Ole Haslunds gallery in Copenhagen at regular intervals. Her career relied on a phenomenal talent but perhaps even more so on her notorious diligence, and the advantages her unusual marriage brought her. (Warning – if you do Google Ms. Wegener you will also find some of her more “erotic” works of art – just letting you know.)

And by the way, those two prints. Well based on the little research I did I think I did very well for my small investment. Apparently they are probably worth a bit more – where is Antiques Road Show when I need them! Still not enough to retire though…. Enjoy, Jewels.

P.S. Note to my Collage Class friends – this is the result of my current addiction – it once was my Dining Room table – how about you?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Evening Song

Lesson 3 from Mary's class that I am taking is all about the use of pattern. It can be overwhelming and I must admit at first I went way overboard on this one.
I finally scaled back and came up with a pretty good 8 1/4 by 6 1/2 wall hanging just in time for Christmas. It uses old and new items - all paper but the ribbon.I'm really flexing my creative muscles these days - and get lots of encouragement from folks like Lenna (go check her wonderful stuff - thanks my friend). The classes have been really great - you really have to be a putz to mess up. If you want to see more check out some samples that Mary posted (I blush to say I am one of them). Enjoy, Jewels.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Thank You

In life it is important to say "thanks", at least in my opinion (must be the Canadian in me, LOL). Someone - a stranger really - who I have met in Blogland - did something really nice for me. She does not know me at all. Does not live any where near me. Only socializes through the comments we leave in each other's "hood"....but she did this thing for me anyway.
So I felt it was important to say thank you properly. I made a little gift that is now in the post and on its way. I hope she likes it - seems to fit her sunny personality. I'll let you know.
And remember - say thanks every chance you get - to family, to friends, and to those folks who may be strangers, but deserve it. Honestly, it will make you feel great to! +Jewels+

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tag Exchange

If you have been tracking with me on my Vintage Tag Book then you will know that my best blog pal, Carol aka Fun Old Hag, is who I am trading with. She is a very talented lady and a wonderful quilter.
Last night at our Guild meeting I recieved more of her pieces of art.
As always they are lovely.

I particularly like the one with Carol's Aunt Leah - you can find out more about Carol's Family at her second blog (she's busy!) Pieces of the Past.

Thanks my friend!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy Bea

I just started Mary's latest class and I am DETERMINED to keep up this time (she said, LOL). Anyway here is the result from Lesson 1.
I've always made my ATC's with fabric so this was different for me. The background is old wallpaper and the sheet music is original to. I outlined "Bea" with a gold pen. My "bling" is the bee from some left over decorations. I used my rotary cutter for the edge (in fact, I find my rotary cutter and cutting pad pretty useful for my Vintage Gluebook and ATCs - I use an old set and have a second for my quilting...). Enjoy!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rosana Goes To The Circus

Mary's November Challenge required we incorporate the picture of Rosana, the elephant and the flowers. I also had the chance (finally) to try some of the techniques she taught in her last class. Actually pretty pleased how it turned out! The elephant immediately made me think of the Circus. Mary has a new class starting today if your interested. Enjoy. Jewels