Monday, November 8, 2010

Busy Bea

I just started Mary's latest class and I am DETERMINED to keep up this time (she said, LOL). Anyway here is the result from Lesson 1.
I've always made my ATC's with fabric so this was different for me. The background is old wallpaper and the sheet music is original to. I outlined "Bea" with a gold pen. My "bling" is the bee from some left over decorations. I used my rotary cutter for the edge (in fact, I find my rotary cutter and cutting pad pretty useful for my Vintage Gluebook and ATCs - I use an old set and have a second for my quilting...). Enjoy!


  1. Love this ATC - the composition and colours are perfect. Looks like you're enjoying Mary's new course!


  2. Such a lovely ATC, so calming. The bee is just right! I also love the photo for your new blog header, jewels. Is that you perchance sitting on the railroad ties? Or perhaps a cool photo? I love it! (and your blue & white background too).

  3. It's a photo of my poor brother and sister, the little wafe and strays. This picture really bothers our mother because our father took it when he was taking care of them while she was at work. "Making our children sit on the railway tracks, how horrible!" What if a train came!!

  4. I loved seeing your work last night, it is very pretty and you do a great job creatively with them. I hope that you bring them again this winter for us to see.