Monday, November 22, 2010

+Hanging On+

It was an unusually warm day (pushing 60 degrees) here at Maple Hill today. Hard to believe we are past the middle of November and well into the Christmas count down.
I'm rather pleased with a geranium I decided to bring in before the frost hit.
It really is hanging on and promises to have more blooms - a really lovely splash of red in my (ahem) art studio. But alas the forecast is for a significant drop in temperature before the week is out....

...and probably some of this!

To all my American friends - have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving! Cheers, Jewels


  1. Thanks Julie, enjoy your time off of work. That plant is very pretty. I know you love your Christmas decorating, so it is time to get it all out, don't you think!!!!

  2. What a spot of cheer to have inside! Hope it continues to bloom. You and your best fella have a good holiday, too, Julie! Carol

  3. thank you, jewels. what a gorgeous geranium!
    p.s. i keep meaning to tell you how much i love the look of your blog, especially the header photo . . . i know i asked you about it before, but now every time i see it i just smile. it's great!

  4. Beautiful blooms! Lucky you with the warm temperature you're enjoying - it's freezing here! Brrrrrrr!

    Happy Holidays!